Super storm blew through a neighbouri town..what do i do?

a storm just blew through a neighbouring town. golf ball sized hail ect. wind damage ect.

looked like someone had a machine gun and shot up all the houses.

what should i do?

what do you guy do when something like this happens close by?

im thinking of doing some door knocking or leaving some door hangers on all the houses in the effected area.

global warming people. this is insane. in my 28 years on this earth i haven’t seen such damage from a storm that wasn’t a tornado and we don’t get tornados near the rocky mountains that often.

Instead of posting on here, I’d be over there from daylight to dark the next week knocking doors, hanging door hangers and signing up jobs. What else would you be doing?


If you don’t have a well established credit line, I would go grab a job with one of the guys around that does and sell for them…

i dont have good credit but my fiance does. i have a 30 000 dollar credit card.

that will get you 6 or 7 roofs worth of material. Might want to get your contracts in place, your estimating program figured out, and someone to write something that the insurance company will accept. You can do it, but boy… you better be ready to fight against a whole lot of people that have been doing it for years. They are going to be aggressive. They will even knock on doors you have already landed and try and convince the homeowner to dump your contract and go with them instead.

best of luck.

Maybe - Just move forward with your own circumstances, and do the right thing.

Tell people how many horror stories I’ve seen from the big storm that blew through here about 6 years ago :lol:

I’ve repaired SO many chimneys and other details. Torn off many new roofs. Unfortunately, I had ZERO experience with insurance claims when that hit, but I did okay. I could do WAAYYYY better if it were to happen again though, thanks to reading this forum.

Let them know that you will be here after the storm blows through to clean up the real mess. Also, save your money because things might get slow afterwards.

I agree with JakeD you need to got to work with one these company and gather some experience look at some of your previous post here, you are too green this roofing business,