Supervisor wage in xactimate

I needed to hire a supervisor for a Hospice house that because of COVID all family and friends had to use the perimeter sidewalks and patios to talk with their loved ones through the glass. This is AFTER I bid the job. To get around the 1600LF building they used the sidewalks and were always in the vicinity of tear-off, install, etc. The Equipter was also using the same sidewalks constantly throughout the day, hence a supervisor to direct and protect patrons. I can’t find the hourly wage for a supervisor.

Also, they didn’t want us starting before 8:00 am and we had to stop at 7:00 pm instead of 7 to 9. Since some of my guys are paid by the day it took two days longer. 6 (roofers) x $32/hr x 2 days. Is that a situation that insurance will pay for?
Also, a shout-out to Authentic_Dad for his invaluable help.

Search for Residential Supervision. It will vary market to market but should be in the range of $100 per hour.

Off you had an incurred cost required by the job, it is a valid supplement. Doesn’t mean they will agree to pay it but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Present your case, show your calculations and add it to your final invoice as a supplement item.