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Does anyone by chance have a list of supplemental items saved when discussing with the desk adjusters? I hear many contractors have a macro saved in Xactimate of all of the supplemental items they used in the past. I’m wondering if anyone is gracious enough to share with me that list so that I can look at each item and learn/figure out what they mean and how I can use them during my phone call with the insurance desk adjusters.

I am new in this industry and I am trying to learn how I can supplement better using Xactimate.

Any tips, advice, training is appreciated…

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Link To Supplement Tools

Follow the link. I’ve been doing this for 10 years with a reasonable amount of success and I use these tools daily.

Short of that, assuming you know how to create a complete, detailed estimate yourself, compare your estimate side by side with scope of loss. You supplement whatever is different between the two. In my own experience, the most often missed items on insurance claims are too low roof area (Eagle View is low quite often for various reasons), waste is too low and cap/starter should not be bundled, gable cornice returns and strips, missing steep and high charges (or incorrectly calculated), missing building code items such as valley metal or ice & water shield and drip edge, detach & reset roof vents when they don’t get removed and replaced, additional roof labor hours for difficult access and/or tarp protecting homeowner property. In other words, just about everything. My average roof estimate will have 14 to 24 items versus 4 to 8 items on the scope.

Xactimate is one of several tools to be used in properly supplementing a claim. Used by itself will only yield a limited success rate. And make the process more difficult. Good luck to you.


Thank you for replying!

Do you have any advice on how to better get through to adjusters that starter and ridge should not be accounted for in waste? I go through the same dance everyday. I can get some adj to bump waste factor up to account for extra material but only after having to escalate to an icu team and drag the claim out 3x longer then it needs to be. And this is a legitimate material we use. Ive even referenced the quote on eagle view that states these materials are not apart of the calculation of waste. Its like im talking to a recording sometimes though with the “its not our policy to blah blah blah”.

Yes. Waste Calculator & Supplement Tool Web App Link

I use them both for just about every insurance job. Very effective.

All the tool in EV does is provide the multiplication for you. It does not mathematically calculate the correct waste.

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The field shingles are installed on top of the starter which voids any SQ they cover. Starter strips are sold in LF and field shingles are in SQ comparing apples to bananas here. Nothing in RFG300S+ mentions starter or ridge. What about drip edge? What about felt? Let’s put all these line items together as one while we are at it. If the insurance doesn’t want to separate starter and ridge aside from waste, simply add felt back into the field shingles as RFG300 not RFG300S (or whatever shingle). See how they react to paying waste for felt (which there is waste for felt, just not quite as much as field shingles).

They should simply pay for cap and starter as separate, distinct line items. We get paid that way most of the time. Felt has water as well even when broken out as a separate line item.