Supplementing Process

Hey Everyone,

How do you get in touch with the various desk adjusters at the insurance companies? I hear that’s the best way to get supplements approved.


Look on the scope of loss, there usually is a toll free number to call. Have the claim number available, call in and ask for the claims department. Ask for the Adjuster assigned to supplement this claim. Some times it will be the field adjuster, some times it will be the desk adjuster. If they have it, get email to send supplement in so pics show up better.

It is more efficient to ask the field adjuster who to supplement with (and the contact info) when you have the adjuster meeting.


I follow the same procedures as “Authenic_Dad”.

By experience, I’ve found the best way to get a supplement approved is to immediately call the field adjuster as soon as you realize there are unforeseen costs (outside the scope of work) that will be incurred during the build.

They prefer to have a heads-up and an opportunity to drive out to the job site to see for themselves if need be. I’ve been chastised and had battle for a supplement to get approved because I did not contact the filed adjuster or desk adjuster before the build or during the build.

I also have the sales rep take (before, during tear-off and completion photos of every build) and especially take extensive photos of what needs to be supplemented. I make certain to submit a photo report along with my supplement to confirm that my supplement is authentic and justifiable

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