Supplements on insurance work

There are companies that you can hire to write out insurance supplements on work that was not on the original insurance estimate. Does anyone know the name of one or experience working with one? They generally take a percentage off of the supplement.


depends if you want an in-house supplementer, an independent supplementer or to outsource to a 3rd party supplementer firm. I am a supplementer and charge 10% of the supplemental increase. What state are you located in?


I write estimates in (Xactimate) and supplement when time allows. It helps when you have experience working on both sides of the fence. 10% is a normal fee for this. I currently cap my fee at $1,000.00.

Most of my supplements would be over this amount if I charged a flat 10% fee.


To build a good supplement you need good documentation. Are your projects complete? What changes did you incur? Does your contract contain a provision for you to manage your customers insurance claim? Did you take any pictures of problems or additional items like turtle vents or pipe jacks? Our company provides a project audit and helps build documentation for the supplement. If your file has all the contents it’s easy and the charge 12% we are not the cheapest and a file audit can cost up to $200, that includes helping you build your file, settle your supplement, and invoice to get you paid. We have strong credibility with most insurance companies and our customers love us because we help them become profitable. Average average increase is $3,800 and it usually moves the profit margin Beyond 30%. My advice find a company that works with you that helps you through the process that will create the invoice that will help you collect. The increase is only a small part, you have to be able to collect. Last year we collected 98% of our supplements. If you need advice I’m always willing to talk and help people because it’s important to get it right on the front end it’s tough to build it on the back end. If you need supplement processing talk to them first and realize that low price usually doesn’t equal best case. You need a company that will walk with you to the end of the project.

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sarah send me your email to

There are also companies around that will write roofing supplements at an affordable flat fee (like me! :slight_smile:).

Another option: If there’s a lot more work to be done and you suspect the insurer is underpaying on the claim, it could be worthwhile to put your client in touch with a Public Adjuster - they usually work on a percentage model, some capped depending on State laws, and will help your client get all their claim issues addressed with no cost to you.

what you charge ? to write estimates for a roofing company?

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Hey! Happy New Year!

I charge $249 to write a full residential roof replacement estimate in Xactimate - that includes:

  • A satellite roof report (images and sketch, when available)
  • Your customized contact info, logo, and lingo on the estimate
  • Delivery of both .pdf and .esx files to you
  • 24-hour turnaround once payment and supporting documents (field notes, photos, claim info, etc) are received

You or anyone can hit me up at with questions or if you need help with a roof.

Go to web site UPWORK and post add there it is free. There a plenty freelance estimators there who are looking for side work. My advise do not pay percentages on the roof claims. I managed to find a guy there who does my estimates for 50$ Roof only-75$ If its has siding and windows.

Hi @PatriotRoofing Curious, are you getting satellite imagery/sketch with your reports when you use UpWork? I contract on there too, but a Geomni or EagleView report alone cost me between $40-$50 per property. Everything included for $50 sounds too good to be true!

Hi Charlie,
I use GAFe360 for the satellite and measurements it cost me extra anywhere from 15 -50$ . The price that I’ve mentioned is for the supplemental estimate only with unlimited changes and add ons.

I cannot imagine you are getting much for your money for $50. In fact, that $50 may be costing you a fortune.


Anyone care to share if 10% of the difference is somewhat an industry standard? Working out details for a supplement and want to be sure I’m in the ballpark.

10% of difference is pretty much the going rate.

Ive never had luck with 3rd parties. I’ve tried two and it seems they just go for the low hanging fruit and try to turn the volume.

Im currently training our office manager to do our supplementing in house and making it a significant portion of her compensation plan (ie. base salary of $36k plus 3-5% of supplements).

I’ve just started using Contractor Supplement Solutions out of Florida. They were recommended by Becca at RSM. I’ve had them close out two supplements so far. The first for $750 and the second for $1400.

I’m still learning how to best support their work to really maximize what they can do. They take 12% and to me it is WELL worth it because the other 88% is “free” money for things we are doing anyways. And, in comparison to someone who writes you a supplement for 50 bucks, these guys do all the leg work. That’s the real value to me. They are the ones getting it approved. I don’t have to call the ins company every day to chase it down. I just send it to them and a couple weeks later I get a new RCV back.

I’m pretty stinking happy with it so far.

12%. No. What % once did those dollar figures represent? If they’re not averaging 20% or more, they’re just getting you the low hanging fruit.

Those two were an 8% increase and a 19% increase. The smaller one already had a number of items like drip edge, D&R gutters, etc. already included. It didn’t need as much to be added.

If you want to give up some line items you often see left off, but successfully paid for when asked, I’d love to get any additional insight. Either way, I remain content. We are a small company. I’m actually paying for these supplements out of my commission. The boss doesn’t even bother with it on jobs himself.

These guys deal with all of the headache and I make more money. Works for me.

And, for what it’s worth, I’ve bought both of your tools on

If you bought the tools, you have most of my items.

Just checking if you are still supplementing in Denver, and how it’s been going?