Supplimental items lists? HELP!

Hey, Ill make this short.

Im starting to look at these claims and I know im loosing out on suppliments. Can someone please help me by screenshotting Xactimate’s supplement list for me please?

Someone Please help me with a list Please

Hey there brother, I don’t think you know what you’re asking for here. Xactimate doesn’t just have a list of items that are known supplements. You have to have some base knowledge so you know what to ask for. If you don’t know that and no one is there to train you, I think you need to get out now or hire on some independent estimator. This will not go well for you otherwise.

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Thanks for replying. I’m doing pretty decent in this business man. The company is 2 years going. Nobody here likes supplementing. The adjusters in my area are really good for the most part but I had no idea I could supplement in the beginning. I found out it was up to me to do my own supplementing just a little over a month ago when I put on a $1500.00 tarp on one of my roofs. From that moment on I’ve been outstanding. I’ve recieved O&P on 3 jobs and I know all the basic items to suppliment. I just dont have xactimate and dont know exactly what that program has on it. I’ve watched so my videos but I didn’t know there wasnt a list. Maybe I asked the wrong question.

I should of asked what are the items do yall suppliment that you dont think everyone asks for that you get good results with, with the claim handlers?

Right now I’m increasing my profits over $1500. My best is close to $3,000. Not too shabby, but I still want to improve. I know theres items I’m overlooking.

I’ve pulled in almost $20,000 this month alone and I’ve still got roofs going up. The weather is bad right now but I’m focusing on improving profits so when it’s time to go again my mindset and game will be stronger then ever.

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I’m only 5 months in and I’m killing it. Only a fool would get out now. Just saying…

Sweet! Sounds like you don’t need help! Just supplement for what you know the roofing system needs. I’m sure you know all about it!

The best thing you could do is fully educate yourself, that’s what you’re trying to do here. That’s good! You’re in the wrong spot vs asking the wrong questions. You’re going in half cocked & you need to be fully loaded to maximize your efforts. You need to speak with Becca over at Roof Sales Mastery. You can chase the answers to your questions all day long on the web or streamline & maximize your efforts with the best info available. I own a roofing company in Missouri. I’m a former Insurance agent of 13 years, take my advise & you needed it yesterday sounds like. It’s doesn’t sound cheap, just warning you, but think of how much more prepared youll be in every given situation you walk into with these adjusters. Give up half your Commision on one job to make thousands more. It’ll pay for itself overnight & it doesn’t take long to go through & Becca is AMAZING. I promise you it’s what you’re looking for.

I have seen almost every video Becca has on YouTube. I’ve learned alot off those videos too. Your right. She is amazing. It’s really expensive though. It’s around $2,600. Which is steep especially since i dont have xactimate at the moment. I was hoping to pick a few brains on items most commonly left out by adjusters and not supplemented by contractors. I’m from the show me state too buddy!

You want a list of Xactimate supplements but don’t have Xactimate?

Ok, mrwalsh

When yall first started there were items that you could of supplemented but they were left out because you were new to the game. What items do yall think I need to start looking for?

The best advice I could give you would be to get Xactimate. Sending your estimate to the insurance company in the same format they are used to seeing goes along way by itself. Presentation is everything with insurance claims supplementing.

The other thing is training your sales staff to look for what is missing from the insurance estimate that is present on the roof. Inexperienced sales staff will cost you money all day long. Teaching sales techniques is only a small fraction of roofing sales. Knowledge of the roof components and materials are essential as well.

Know what your local building codes are for the trades you are performing. There are many supplements to be had for code compliance. For these you will need to know if the homeowner has Ordinances and Law coverage to cover code upgrades.

You should look at this for supplementing help. Link to Supplementing Tools

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Hey dad. lol. I feel like you’re my roofing dad with all the info you put out. I was going to make a whole separate post after I couldn’t find a answer to my question, but I realized the only purpose to post was to get your opinion so I figured it was relevant to this topic.

I am 21 years old and started my own business about 5 months now. It’s been hard getting a lot of the info that I need not having many outlets that can help me out. I teach my self a lot and have figured out a lot. I would say majority of the time if I take somethings away from this site its the info you give out. So I really appreciate your input.

I just completed a project a few days ago, that was paid out by Statefarm. They had a large pool in the backyard. It was very close to the roof and had to be covered by a 70x70 ft tarp.

I have heard before that there is a chance that you can add that to your supplement. I cant seem to figure out which line item on Xactimate would best apply for this. I’m not sure if this is something that can be supplemented for but I wanted to make sure before I ask them to release the Depreciation.

Thank you for any help.
Do you get back to PM’s? I considered pming but didn’t know if you time to get back to those.

Yes supplement that for sure. Send pictures along with a few details as to why and your golden

I replied to your PM but I misunderstood your question. Yes, you can supplement but I would have supplemented prior to doing the work. If you indeed tarped the pool to protect, turn in for the tarp and roof labor. They’re (SF) is like to say “that’s covered in the roofing line items” which is BS. So download this photo and send it in with your supplement. Add this text “RFG (240 or 300) only allows 40 minutes to setup and clean tools and equipment, debris removal and floor sweeping or vacuuming in immediate workspace. Obviously, this does not allow time to tarp protect the pool to mitigate against further damages relating to this claim. Granules and debris falling into the pool can ruin the pump which costs thousands of dollars to replace.”

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You’re not supposed to read that your contractor!