Survey....What are roofers doing in the winter?

I am curious as to what roofing contractors are doing in the winter months in cold climates.

Thanks for input.

We stay busy by doing leaks from other companys roofs, and we bid new construction to do over the winter time.

we work all year round in Buffalo N.Y. new builds its just anouther day except itr snows :smiley:

I go one vacation from Thanks Giving until March! woot!


We work year round. January and Febuary you get a few more days off. Not many though.

We are in Northeast Pa.

Can not afford to pay the benefits I do if we do not work.

Everyone has those projects that you plan to get to when you have time. There are about 3 months each year that I don’t have an excuse not to take care of them.

I answer this post as i sit on a balcony from a condo i rent every winter over looking the Atlantic Ocean in Cocoa Beach Florida, temp here today should be a high of about 78 degrees, back in Michigan about 32 degrees. I will head home on March 10th as we generally start back up on March 15th or there abouts. We generally close down Dec 15th - March 15th. My employees collect unemployment plus I pay them a bonus on Dec 15th that usually amounts to about another $200 a week for the 13 weeks they are layed off. I also bring my crew & their familys to Cocoa Beach for one week in Febuary & pay for all expenses except souviners & alcohol.
If any emergencys arise we will do them in the winter but we make no attempt to encorage anyone to actually do a roof in the winter. I worked in the winter for many years & had enough of it.

Mich, you guys hiring? lol


My wife