Synthetic felt

What’s the best synthetic out there?

just take a look at all the different types of synthetic felts that are on the market now. I think someone has beat you to this idea !!!

Put a chemical in it that kills people that don’t pay their taxes, that would be funny.

well you could develope an underlayment that tools dont slide of of as easy. the couple i have used dont hold tools very well.

peal n sticks seam to be taken over were im at.
you mite want to make a version of peal n stick along with a nail on version.


one that is like “shark skin” it’s almost like thick paper, and easy to get under siding , and make it breathable and white/light color so it would not get hot.
Of course it must be slip resistant and hard to tear, and relatively inexpensive. Dont copy tri-flex, it’s junk… also Elk had one… even worst than tri-flex :))

Something that will stand up to a torch so I can dry it off and melt ice in the winter. :smiley:

how about one that installs it self.