Take a look

A general I do the odd roof for sent me this low quality picture asking for my opinion, its the ceiling of a roof job he did two years ago and he got a call back the roof is 100% dry.

Any ideas let me know, or if you have seen this before i havent and don’t really feel like driving out to take a look at it for him if you are able to come up with any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

wow that is a stumper if everthing is dry…plumbing,chit drywall,…hhmmm

Is it water damage? Or is the plaster just falling off the ceiling? Is it in a cold climate, where the owners may have had the heat cranked and may even had a heater placed beneath that location? I’d want to ask the guy some questions.

Looks like they did not clean the surface before adding the skim coat. I dont see any staining around the droped area. If it was dusty when they skimed then it did not get a good stick,and will fall sooner or later.

Hard to tell but that looks like plaster and lath.
It’s possible, if that was the original area that was leaking, the water damaged the plaster and when it dried it separated and fell. Water damaged plaster almost always has to be removed and replaced.

Thanks for the responses im going to call him today, all the information I have is what you have. Ill post any more information I get.

its def. plaster not drywall. I too would be suspicious of no staining. Are there any valleys or flashings above it or is it just open roof line? I would lean more towards crappy plaster job.

I will try to post pictures if it helps, just let me know… but my first floor living room ceiling, as well as some of the walls, in my own home look like this. It is old horse hair plaster and lath and after a while the plaster will fail. I’m 100% sure there is not a roof leak (at my own home). If you or GC can see the roof is dry and no yellow staining I would say it is not the roof.

Not a roof leak!..sigh.