Talk... Windows To Me?

I’ve gotten a LOT of really helpful information from the “Talk Roofing” website.

AS A CONSUMER, I learned critical information that I needed to deal with roofing issues. I learned about insurance topics, best practices, what to expect, how to know if a company was blowing smoke, how to evaluation proposals, how to choose a contractor, and how to get a good job done…

I cannot express how helpful the forums and contributors have been.

Now I have a new renovation issue - replacement windows.

It’s time. We’ve got 25 y.o. windows, and we need to get them replaced - which means that I’ve got to climb that learning curve again.

Does anyone know of websites / set of forums that would be similar to Talk Roofing but for windows and windows replacements?

I don’t know how any other website could match the super people here, but, you know, maybe they could some close.

Oh, to include an obligatory Roofing topic…
What are your thoughts on blended companies? Roofing companies that also carry/install/etc. replacement windows.
Mainly Roofing, but “hey, we also do windows!”?

Consider them or steer clear? “They can only specialize in ONE thing if they are going to do it right!” or “Some of the experience transfers over, and the products and installation for both could be handled well by a single company.”

Any recommendations are welcome.

Thank you


No window info?

Jiminy Cricket!

I have learned:
“Replacement windows” - an aftermarket window. These are slightly smaller than initial construction windows, because they sit inside the original window’s frame.

In the case of wood-framed original windows, the contractor goes in with a wood chisel and chisels into the window frame, breaking the structural member and leaving a (hopefully) clean, smooth, flat frame where the window was.
The “replacement windows” fit into the void left behind, and are nailed or otherwise attached back to the frame. Then, weather stripped/sealed. There may be cosmetic/surface work done on the inside (inside the home). The outside is sealed and/or wrapped, to provide a flush finish that blends into the home’s exterior.

“Rule of thumb” for pricing appears to be “about $500 / window” - with adjustments up or down depending on what “grade”, series, finish, etc. the window belongs to.

My initial take is: these are manufactured by large companies under various brand names, and resold or re-named. As there are only so many shapes, they are probably standardized, and rather than charge for actual materials, etc., they are just sold as a commodity. A 24x38" window or a 36x48" window are pretty much similarly priced in the same category.

Just my best guess, without finding any websites to fill in my guesses.

Don’t use replacement windows unless you want to spend money and make your home less valuable to any savvy buyer.