Tamko Vs. Certainteed (Wisconsin)

Looking for help on which manufacture to go with Certainteed or Tamko. Which is the higher quality shingle and why? Thanks in advance for all your help.

Certainteed–Hands Down!
Tolerances, reputation, quality, performance, etc.

I used to work for a company that did about 40 roofs a week, and 90% Tamko. Tons of warranty problems. Many roofs never sealed even ones installed in warm weather. Tamko has been good to take care of warranty issues–I will give them credit for that. But too many issues for me to recommend over Certainteed and GAF/Elk.

Certainteed period.

Gotta go with Certainteed.
Why? After twenty years of roofing you can tell whats good and whats not. Tamko’s not
I see your nearby. I could quote a standing seam steel roof that will outlast any shingle. (and qualifies for an energy tax credit)