Tamko Warranty/Specifications

I’ve posted this valley before with mixed opinions on whether it was done correctly. To be more specific, does this valley appear to meet Tamkos specifications? I would be interested to hear from an authorized Tamko roofer?

img103.mytextgraphics.com/photol … h07q4h.jpg

Unfortunately, the roofer rep is reluctant to give me an answer and Tamko’s Tech. Dept. will not respond to my inquiry.

I have 10 year labor and 30 year shingles. Granted that 30 year shingles will probably last less than that. But lets say in the 11th year the shingles start curling up in the valley and develops leaks. Something of which is not uncommon and my previous shingles did just that (IKO). At that point my 10 year labor has expired. I go to Tamko since I have 30 year shingles. A Tamko representative comes out and says it is not the fault of the shingles, but rather the installation. At that point the warranty is useless.

So what I would like is to have Tamko give me is the thumbs up now rather than waiting until it is too late. I view this as a loophole in the warranty and requires the consumer to purchase a new roof sooner than expected.

As for GAF, their customer service was willing to tell me it was not done to their specifications.

It has always been to my experience on a cut-valley as this,that the main house is the cut side and any dormers and etc… run at least a foot under the main.Thus allowing water to flow over cut an splash on dormers.Preventing rain from running under cut side.I really cant tell you your roofers frame of mind set,definetly an applicators wrong choice for performance and appearence.In Which both of these factors count at least 80% on any inquiries applied to warranties! Have to worry and wonder about warranties and gaurantees is senseless. let me see if i can find any info from Tamko,be back in touch!

Wait up! Just studying your pic a litlle harder, This i can now see why you are having some feedback.Seems to me, this valley is not even a cut calley.Shingle courses end(squared but end revealed) with looks to be a shingle running diagonally under main shingle courses.Definately Not covered by any warranties! Should have roofer re-do at his expense or??


That is Tamko’s recomended way of installing them. It is right on the wrapper.

GAF will not cover this type of valley.


That is Tamko’s recomended way of installing them. It is right on the wrapper.

GAF will not cover this type of valley.[/quote]

i knew i didnt use tamko for a reason!!