Tampa wanted:work by the square any help?

WANTED:TAMPA,FL.ROOFING BY THE SQUARE. I am moving Back to Tampa by the end of June…I have been gone for about 5 Yrs.I was a supervisor of 5 crews and we did mostly new construction in the Lutz and Westchase area,plus,misc. around Tampa.I have my own tools and am good at what I do.I will be pursuing my Roofing License this summer at CamTech in Tampa.I am currently in Youngstown , Ohio.I am looking to come back and do roofing by the square.I also do siding(not much in Tampa) and spouting,as most roofers do.I can be reached at 3 3 0 8 8 3 8 8 4 6.ly.I am licensed here in Ohio,currently. Tony

Yoda speak.

Hey i kinow a company that would buy you out. Jugding by your experience i think you be the right guy for the job.
But its in canada

what did you get paid per sq ? 8)

What did i get or what am i getting. Well it pretty good. Alot of companys are ruining the business out here by charging way too much so i can get a prtty good lump.
Even if the pere sqaure isnt high i make good money.