Tar & Gravel Traffic

Armed with the helpful advice given me several weeks ago, I am still trying to get our storm damaged roof fixed. Five months ago 1/4 of our T&G roof got blown off. Since then we have had a sturdy tarp screwed on with battens on the roof edge and hundreds of pounds of ballast (whatever heavy large objects we could find – rocks, buckets of gravel,etc) spread over the surface area.

Aside from my husband’s many trips hauling all the stuff up and laying the temporary and the final tarp, there have been at least 10 other trips by the adjuster and roof estimators. I’m worried about whether all the foot traffic could be doing additional damage to what is left of the roof.

The foot traffic can pop blisters on your roof. If your roof is blistering though, time is up, or almost up, anyhow. Stick around for flat roofing specialists though, as I’m more of a sloped specialist…


excessive foot traffic damages a good roof. So it will damage your damaged roof.

yes they sell rubber tread pads to form walkways for maintenance purposes(a/c,plumbing,etc.)