Tar remover left shiny film behind on stucco


When my old shingles were removed, some of them hit the side of my neighbour’s house and left tar marks on the painted stucco. They used tar remover, which worked well, but there seems to be kind of a shiny film left behind in the spots, and the neighbours aren’t happy. Does anyone have advice or experience with this, and how to remove the film? Thanks very much.

I believe you will have to paint it. Once tar hits stucco, it’s bad news. If it’s a small spot, you might take your time and get it off, but my 30yrs of experience have shown it always leaves a mark behind.
Just my opinion again, but I will spend whatever it takes to protect the neighbor’s house before I protect the house we are working on. You might try some dishwashing liquid and a very soft brush and see if you can get the sheen off, but I think it’s too late.

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Thank you very much for your reply. I wish to heavens the roofers had done something more to protect the house next door. They did put up a barrier to keep the falling shingles in a range, but because my roof is so steep some still bounced over. They said the shiny marks will fade over time, but my neighbours are pretty unhappy with it all, and I can understand why.