Tar Streaks on Stucco and scratch on window

Anyone know a good product to take tar off of stucco without fading paint. Also need to know if anyone has suggestions for taking small scratch off of a window.
Thanks in advance

Citrus based cleaners work well to remove asphalt.

Test it out on a hidden area to see how it reacts with your particular paint.

Don’t know how to deal with the scratch on the window.

sounds tricky.but you might put a stain blocker like kilzs and feather in some matching paint.never heard of anything for scrached glass.

Karna Klean - Cleans asphalt and tar from brick, cements, stucco, concrete and metal
siding and all types of roofing equipment and vehicles.


My experience is that nothing will take off the tar on stucco without leaving the surface color distorted. As far as the scratch on glass, you’ll have to have it changed.

gojo waterless hand cleaner and a hose

That works good too.

The original white gojo works the best.
Its all i use.

The orange gojo shouldn’t even be called gojo.

The other day i saw the karnak cleaner being purchased, the roofer and salesman said good things about it. I almost bought it.

scrape off excess, and paint wall.




Lestoil straight on a rag and blot it and use a tooth brush.

I one time got some aluminum roof coat on a pink dress of my wifes that was hanging out side. i used Lestoil and a fine tooth brush gently and it all came off with NO stains.

Or try WD-40 same way blot and lossen with a toothbrush