Tarp roof or what? HELP!

Hi everyone…I new here. Im moving in my dad’s home, he passed away last month. His sheetrock fell down in the living room and I have another bad area of sheetrock that’s about to fall in the bedroom. We found that the problem is coming from his faschia boards on the house that has fell off completely along with a few of the gutters. The rain has been coming in on the plywood that’s not molded and that caused the sheetrock damage in the inside. Ok, here’s my question, I fixed the inside of the home (sheetrock damage) and I KNOW that I have got to get the roof fixed or my sheetrock is just going to do the same thing. I’m waiting on my roofer to get to my house which he is working on a big job and cant get to me until another month. What is a temporary patch I can put on the roof while I’m waiting for his repair??? Those tarps are so expensive, I can just that money to go toward roof repair, so is their another alternative for me instead of a tarp that will cover the roof, and I know I have to cover those faschia boards and I know a tarp will hang over those?? I’m a lady and don’t know what I’m doing, can some please give me some good advice. THANKS IN ADVANCE

Leaks of that magnitude generally don’t happen because of missing fascia boards & gutters. Sounds like the roof, & tarps aren’t expensive. Go to a discount store. If you think tarps are expensive, you won’t be able to afford a roof repair or replacement. Believe it or not, the most two most important things are your foundation & your roof. However, they’re the most inexpensive.

Call your roofer and tell him you really want him to do the work but you fixed the inside and can not wait a month. Offer to pay him a small amount in addition to the price he gave you for the repair, to come out and tarp it for you. You might be surprised at the results. He may even go ahead with the main repair.

Thanks…the tarps I’ve priced has ranged from 300-500 (heavy duty large tarps) and I do think that is expensive for a one time use. I have the money for the roof repairs, I’m just cheap when it comes to certain things and I didn’t think spending that amount of money for something that you would only use once, made sense. I’ll go ahead an get the tarp, I was just wondering if it was something else I could use, like sheeting plastic, tar paper, etc. Thanks again for replies

This type of tarp installed with battens will easily last a month; amazon.com/30X50-Tarpaulin-C … rp+30+x+50

What the hell tarps are you pricing? You don’t need a super heavy duty tarp. It’s temporary, you’re not tarping airplanes!