Tarping a Roof & Minimizing Nail Holes

Rainy season is just getting started in the Pacific NorthWest and we have a referral with a water mitigation company that doesn’t get on the roof (definitely insurance related).

Last year we tarped a roof still under warranty by another roofer and he told the client we voided the warranty by nailing the tarp with cap nails. We ended up assuming the warranty on that facet of the roof just being ornery and wanting to make the original roofer look bad after pulling the voided warranty nonsense.

I want to stay competitive with repairs and tarping but don’t want to expose myself like that again by reducing the nailing pattern… I was thinking rolling a 2x4 in the sides and nailing them with 2-3 nails per 2x4x8,10,12 then grommet screwing the tarp to the 2x.

Does anybody have a cleaner way to tarp a roof?

What’s the best way to quickly tarp a roof?

SRS sells WrapRoof.
Torch shrink wrap.

That’s interesting but that stuff is almost what we charge per SQ to replace the thing… or roof over it.

Just reroof it, now long can it take? Probably could tear it off and dry it in , in about the same amount of time as it takes to tarp it, with no additional cost to whoever