Tarping tear offs and a better ridge vent

I want to thank everyone for all the info on this site. I was going to hire a guy to layover and realized that he wasn’t reputable and was going to do it one the side behind his boses back. I an going to do it myself, I did the first one years ago and decided to do it again.

My questions are:

What should I use to tarp off the roof during tear off and before laying shingles.

I also have a western exposure with alot of wind - this year my roof vents leaked this spring when we had a thaw. My guess is that they got blown snow clogged in them and then leaked. I plan on replacing them - are all ridge vents the same? Is there something I should know to avoid this in the future.

Any info is great. thank you


Tear-off from the top down. Only what you can paper in that day. You will stay water tight then. Use lath to hold the paper down besides nailing the the paper. Overlap the paper 6 inches instead of 2 inches.This may not work for you.

use GAF snow country ridge vent

Ahhh… winter in Texas & the livin’ is easy.

Who caries GAF in Syracuse area. I checked Erie and they don’t. thanks for the input. :smiley:

bradco supply on spencer street, or home depot (as much as we hate the box store). what shingles are you going to use? are you sure you want to do it yourself …you can always hire me :smiley:

I don’t have the to hire out right now and this is not my residence, a "investment property". I let you know when I need my house done. It was a pain in the butt and I'm not doing that again. I haven't decided what shingles to do. I might do a layover because of . I don’t know how long I am going to hang on to the property. what shingles should I use?

GAF timberline 30’s (bradco, not home depot) certainteed landmark 30’s (erie)