i get the feeling you might be the contractor and trying to figure out how to do things, and how to charge. am i right?

There is something very odd and it’s not only his contractor. :?

no. just a general thirst for knowledge.my questions were answered in bits and pieces. too many posts;i agree. once these questions have been answered in one post,i will be done.
i do know the drip edge goes on first and the ice shield goes on after. does the ice shield completely cover the drip edge going all the way to the edge of the eave or just enough to cover the nails. the valley has an ice ahield and flashing;which goes on first?
when will the felt go on with regards to the valley(ice shield-flashing0?
thats all i need to know guys. i must say,you all have been very nice and i appreciate it.

I would hope none of my customers question my abilities or knowledge like taser is doing.

It would make me wonder why the person hired me in the first place.

I could see the customer asking me those questions, but I would find it alittle odd that they would get on the internet behind my back and ask a bunch of other contractors these questions.


Did you guys ever get the idea that taser is just messin with ya? :smiley:

I have had customers like Taser before.
They can be bothersome and pretty much expect you to teach them what you are doing as you work…
I have given more than one roofing 101 lesson to a homeowner, I imagine there will be more.
It is not always an unpleasant experience.
If you take the time to explain things you usually end up with a very satisfied customer also.
Everybody is different as to how they approach things.

axciom, you just nailed it. thats what this is about. my contractor is from poland and is hard to understand,hence all the questions towards you guys.

why wouldnt you tell us that like a week ago?

I have seen nothing but high quality workmanship out of the East European guys around here.
They don’t speak the language here either…
There is an Estonian framing crew and a Ukrainian stone mason that come to mind.

I have an East European crew too; they are really odd, though, as they only eat tacos & speak Spanish.