Tear-off New Roof?

I could really use some professional advice. After waiting 7 months for a well respected roofing contractor to get to my roof, I’m terribly disapointed in the workmanship.
We chose 30 year Tamko AR architectural shingles and stripped old roof.
My main concern is that the shingles dont lie flat. The entire roof has lots of bunched up areas that look like wrinkles in a floor rug. Also, the most visable part of the roof has about 7 rows of shingles with the “shakes” lined up perfectly like racing stripes. They obviously were not concerned
about the pattern(which I realize is random). The rake ends of the roof have ragged uneven overhangs over the drip edges which very from about 1 " to none. The contractor is telling me the wrinkles are from the roofing felt not being flat when it was nailed, and that the shingles will in time flatten .
Does this ever happen, or should We ask him to replace the shingles?
Thanks for any imput.

how old is the installation? if it is very recent, then yes it should lay flatter. as far as the rakes being uneven…he should trim them for you. i notice that an the lesser brands…i.e. tamko & iko…that the pattern actually does line up like that quite frequently. they probably couldnt tell during installation because that is something that is more noticable from far away as opposed to having it under your knees while putting on the next course.

Just the 1" reveal changing on the rake tells me there is a quality issue.

As for the racing stripe, that can very easily be fixed with a flat bar and some different shingles…just pull a few out.

Good luck

The roof is only 5 days old. Just though it would be better to address this sooner than later.
Thanks, John.

If the felt was wrinkled when they installed them, they may not ever lay flat.


Hold some money back.

Stand your ground. The contractor sounds like he knows there are issues. Make him fix them. When in doubt, get the contractor to get the local shingle rep for your shingles to come out and give you in writing that they will honor the warranty on the roof and make sure to get his warranty in writing before any type of $$ transfer.
As far as the rakes, workmanship error it sounds like. Make him fix it. If it goes from 1" to none then there is a problem. I make my crews keep it consistent and neat and fix it if is not.
Quality control is a huge issue with roofing or any other business. 100% satisfaction is everyones objective.

i wouls say see if he fixes the rake edge. if so maybe pay him with a letter to you stating he will fix it in 6 months if it doesnt lay flat by then. i roofed one of my outbuildings in november and it just layed flat this week. shingles nee some good sun light combined with heat to lay flat. every roof will look lumpy for at least the first few days.