Teds Shed leaky roof questions........HELP!

Just got a 12 X 24 Teds Shed from a friend. This shed was built in 2005. The aluminum roof has been leaking for years from the screws holding it down. The water has been running down the rafters and has rotted out several of the wall studs inside. Some of the roof rafters are pretty bad themselves. I was replacing the roof screws with some 2" ZAC screws just to get into some decent wood. These areas are still leaking and was wondering what kind of sealant I could use over these roof screws to curb the leaking. I have some Vulkem 116, would this be good to try and seal up the screws?

I replaced the rotten wall studs already but just do not want to spend the money and time to replace the rafters. I’ll post some pictures of this nightmare later.

The roof is covered by the same aluminum as the siding.

What would be my best plan of action to get this roof to stop leaking?

Thanks for any help you can provide.






Back the screws out a little with a drill. Apply Geocel 2300 or NP-1 caulk underneath the screw heads. Drive them back in nice and slow being careful not to over tighten them. Put a little more caulk on top where the screws meet the roof, especially at the top part. Spread the caulk out a bit with your finger. This will give better adhesion.

Thank you so much for thr reply. Will the Vulkem 116 work just as good?

I’m not familiar with vulkem but I read a little about the product and it should work.

The Silicone caulking provides a quick fix for areas such as flashing around the edges of a roof or window. The material is easy to apply and comes in a variety of colors. Or use a clear version to allow the finish color of your metal to show through. It is available in a purely caulking format or as an adhesive, which allows you to reattach loose flashing. Silicone caulking can also be used to patch nail and screw holes as well as punctures in the underlayment.

Forget the caulking. You want it done once? Hit it with Karnak 501 Elasto-Brite.


Forget the caulking. You want it done once? Hit it with Karnak 501 Elasto-Brite.

Is this like the Lanco Ultra-Siliconizer stuff they sell at Home Depot? White rubberized roof coating.

I was thinking about doing this after I seal and replace all the screws.

Should I put the caulking underneath the black rubber seal, between the roof surface and seal of the screws?

Yes. Go all the way around the screw with the caulk using your finger. Don’t be stingy with the caulking and don’t be overly excessive. It shouldn’t take you long to figure out the right amount.

I wouldn’t have recommended this method for a house or anything else, but for a shed I think it’s ok.

I did this for one of my wife’s friends over 8 years ago on her metal shed roof that had multiple leaks. She has not had a single leak since and nothing else has been done to it but this.

Replace all of the screws with pole barn washer screws. It doesn’t look like there is any form of a gasket under any of the screws on that building.

The screws pictured are the ones that I’m replacing the old ones with and they do have a rubber gasket and washer under that head. I’m pulling them out and putting some Vulkem 116 under the screws and all around the screw heads. Hopefully this will fix the leak problem.