Telemarketing vs. Door Knocking

Has anyone had any success with telemarketing over door knocking? Thanks.

Of course not…

never done either, and dont plan too.

LOVE door knocking. Sit by your phone while I make money. I like when roofers do that.

Depends on the market. I have had some good luck and some very bad with telemarking. The company you use can also make a difference. It will get you generally an older market due to a lot of people not having home phones anymore. I am not a fan of door knocking and telemarketing can go through 1000 people a night door knocking you may be ableto hit 100-200 doors, most of which wont answer or want to talk to you. I generally only knock around where I am putting a roof up.

It depends solely if you have the right guys and they work hard and the leads are qualified before going out and seeing them. Using the phone not fond of since there is that do not call list. I have taught a canvassing crew in my time making 40 leads a day in no storm areas like some like to play. That’s easy do it when the customer is paying entire different ball game.

If you need help shaggy just ask.

I remember back in the day where all I did was cold call telemarket, follow up with direct mail and close sales. Lots of them!!

You need to be careful with the DNC rules. When that went into effect it took available ‘safe’ homeowner numbers that you could call without concern of penalty from about 100% to less than 10%.

The numbers of homeowners that are OK with being called now is so small- you really need to be at the top of your sales game to make it worth while.

Can it work? You bet. I got one of my best ideal clients EVER off a cold call. But… it took substance and a strong phone call that lead to an in person presentation to build the final trust to solidify the relationship.

If you are going to call, be sure to have your sales skills honed- and be real. Meaning… people today do not want a ‘soupy sales’ kind of presentation. You need to know your stuff, know how to communicate it clearly, and then also have the skill sets to lead the conversation in order to close the sale.

Here’s a big tip: business owners - for commercial work can be very good to cold call. Although they are busy and sometimes hard to lock down due to time issues, if done right - and if you want commercial work, these can be good.

GTP has some really good insights on sales. If you’ve never taken the time to learn this skill set- talk to him. He’s got some things that are tested and work.

You can adapt each sales approach to what works best for you- but if you’re hurting right now- you need to learn more.

Cold calling -whether residential or commercial- requires this:

  1. Patience
  2. Professionalism
  3. Persistence
  4. Follow up
  5. You need to establish credibility right away
  6. Your offer has to be of value… real value
  7. You need to know how to CLOSE. How to ASK for the sale. You do this, you will get $$$. You don’t - you won’t.

Don’t think that just because you are a nice guy that and you are calling-that people will buy. Doesn’t work that way.

It takes learning what to say, how to say it, why-and then doing it to work. It’s not difficult. It doesn’t take a lot of time to learn. Just takes the willingness to learn and then use what you learned to make some $$$.

Remember- do what works for You. If you are comfortable with cold calling, and it gets you business, do it.If you are not comfortable and not willing to step out of that ‘zone’ and grow- then don’t.

All we do is door knock. We are VERY successful at it.
Our business is totally based on it.
Those of you that don’t door knock we love you.
Hugs and kisses

Absolutely , I built my OKC office before we sold it strictly from cold calling. This can be done very well, but pairing it up with door knocking is far better. Ie. You have a telemarketnappt to see Ms Smith, next you can ;

  • qualify or unqualify area reducing time wasted by inspection
  • knock on doors if qualified area maximizing by using Ms Smith as a door opener.
  • spend more time selling then prospecting.
  • reach otherwise inopenable doors.

If you’re only doing one type of lead generation you’re not doing enough. In my experience mailers are crap unless you know the people are in the market, then face to face or calling is better anyway. I think mailing is a waste of money. Calling and knocking are the way to go.

Oh and bilboards whenever you can afford them.

Depends on your market. It is hard to beat good old fashion grass roots marketing. I would say a mixed marketing program is best. There is no magical solution to get leads. Good luck,

I’ve reviewed the posts made regarding door knocking and telemarketing. Having done both I think they go hand in hand.

If you have people working the phones and they are taught the right way to make the calls then it can be very productive. All you old timers that would rather door knock because it’s been successful ? - Well while you’re door knocking - I’m doing both - My company is very well versed in getting Commercial Roofing Contractors solid leads. I think a business owner would rather have qualified leads given to his reps then have his reps(that he pays rather handsomely) get their own leads - Some reps, as you know, are comfortable with making just enough for what they consider comfortable and what they are accustom to.

Another point to bring to the front is having your reps work with the marketers. Having the marketing reps work hand in hand with the in house reps proves to be a winning situation for all.

I’ll take cold calling the decision makers of the buildings maintenance department and tie it in with the door knocking any day of the week - If you’re only doing one or the other then you are losing business. And if you tell me it’s only a small amount that you’re losing then you don’t see the whole picture. I myself have personally made appointments for commercial roofing contractors that led to huge jobs some of which included maintenance contracts also. I made very little on the job but my rep loved me. We would work together and he would have me make calls on his drive by’s to see if anything was up with the buildings. He doubled and almost tripled his sales.

Keep your mind open before you say you’ll take one over the other. Good business sense is to grab as much as you can get but have a plan to do it. And do it with people that are experienced and know your business :slight_smile:

I’m a door knocker when I have time. I always, always find work. I have worked in sub divisions when many homes were in need, so WhitePages has a easy to navigate, and free. Not sure if it is true, but someone said if they are listed there they are not on a do not call list

I am a door knocking fool.I talk roofing everywhere I go.I have gotten roofs in Wal-Mart,grocery stores,churches,car dealerships etc.You never know when and where you can get work.

Door knocking IMO is the best lead generator.That and having the gift of being able to talk to someone you have never met,at anytime,any place for no real reason,other than to offer them your services.If they don’t need a roof,who cares you might have made a friend and at some point in time your services will be needed.

But also my opinion is this,Its all about how bad you want it.

That is true, but cold calling is as close to magic that I can find!

Wasting time and fuel going on roof inspections that someone else arranged is nuts. Choose your areas and customers by going out and cold calling.

I dont do much residential knocking anymore, but still love to knock commerical ! There is no substitute for someone seeing your face the first time they are approached about storm damage restoration. And the way to get to the person who matters(the one who can legally sign our contract), is to walk in the office with a smile on your face and the desire to help them repair their property.

Or, you can put a sign on their property and wait by the phone…

The only time door knocking has worked is immediately after a major hail storm. Nowadays I generally resort to sending out direct mailers and having an online presence

I can agree,kinda.Most people think a good roof is one that don’t leak.Sometimes its important to inform them about how bad the roof looks,Curling,blistering etc.

I make my wife mad so many times during the “Weekend stroll” I see a roof that is on its last nut and I will stop.I can’t count how many times that pays off.I might not be needed that day,week or month but I can honestly say its within a few months of knocking.

Most homeowners (After contacted)(Depending on your verbal approach) start thinking about the roof.

IMHPO the best time to knock is prior to winter precipitation (Snow loads,Ice damming etc.) and spring.(Severe weather)

Believe it or not most homeowners will fear these times.I am not trying tk influence anyone to try to scare a homeowner into a roof,I am only saying to be courteous and let them know if they have legitimate roof issues.

Nothing is more gratifying and a major boost to your professional morale than what you feel when you receive a call from a knock you have done recently.On the other end is a very happy new found customer thanking you for your honesty.

I have never knocked with a bullsh** pitch trying to snag some work on a fake or orchestrated potential roof failure,accelerated roof issue.

Word to the wise,most homeowners you speak with WILL call another contractor or 2 for another opinion.After one says the same thing as you then your the one they will want.You were the first,Remember, first impressions are very lasting ones.

Living and thinking about the future is equally important as the moment.I have found when it starts getting slow,Boom,up pops something I took a chance on previously,My wife calls me “Too forward” but I think its because she is shy and I know if I don’t get the work,someone else will.

I was taught to blast an area where you’re about to start a job with flyers. Then door knock before you start. Blast again when the job is done. Door knock again when the job is done. I’ve gotten a lot of future business that way. Leaving a box in the yard that holds your flyers while the job is going on is a smart thing too!

Door knocking is much better than telemarketing IMO