Temperature for Landmark TL Install

I live in Minnesota and my roofing contractor is scheduled to install Landmark TL’s on my house at the end of October. I’m wondering if that’s too late in the year to install due to colder temperatures? At what temperature would you recommend holding off on installing TLs?

Also, the contractor says he ordered the shingles (40 squares in the Shenandoah color) but that they won’t be in for two and a half weeks. Does it usually take that long to get shingles?

Thanks in advance for your answers. I just want to make sure the contractor is being straight with me.

It will be fine.

The TL’s are not normally stocked. That sounds about right.

We did one once in febuary and it was difficult to work the vallys. ended up heating them up. It would have been no problem if we went with open metal vallys. every day was in the teens and close to zero degrees. Yes we do roof all year.

Putting TL’s on at that time will not be a problem. At cooler temperatures the thicker shingles are harder to work with especially in valleys. Certainteed will still warrant your roof no matter when they are put on. At this time of year in our climate, I’m in northern Indiana, it will take a lot longer for the shingles to seal down, and may not do so till next year. Make sure to mention to your Roofer you want him nailing the shingles in the common bond area, I can explain about that more later if you’s like.
As far as two week lead time that’s not too bad. Most Roofing Distributors are not going to stock those because they are not ordered often enough to turn inventory. It’s like going to the Dodge dealership and wondering why they don’t have any Vipers on the lot.

Ditto the above responses.

Landmark TL’s are hard enough to cut when they are warm, a major PITA when they are cold, it will be hard to get good clean cuts.
Metal valleys are recommended (though not required) for Landmark TL’s.

I ordered 55 squares of the Shenandoah TL’s recently and they came to the lumber yard in less than a week. They were out of the Shrevport, LA (sp?) Certainteed plant.

You will really like the shingle, this is the third roof in that color I have put down. These are going on a 10/12 roof so they will really be able to be seen.

Make sure the contractor doesn’t put down just one layer of Accessory ridge caps. They either need to double it up or put down one layer of Contour Ridge.

Although the shingles get tough to cut as they are a triple laminate shingle when it gets cold doing the roof in the cooler temps is good because it will be less likely to scuff the shingles. Walking on the thick to thin spots can make it easy to scuff the bottom edge.

Most of my really big steep roofs are done in the Spring and Fall.

Dougger, it’s “Shreveport, Lousy-Anna” (I was born there).


[quote=“RanchHandRoofing”]Dougger, it’s “Shreveport, Lousy-Anna” (I was born there).


Thanks bud,

I knew someone would correct me!!! Didn’t mean to offend you either. As far as I know the only product I use daily from Certainteed that comes from that plant is the Roofer Sellect.

Has anybody seen Mountain Ridge from CT yet?

Believe me, I said Lousy-Anna on porpoise.


the lead time is normal for the mid-west. Many suppliers are on allocation, and I have heard that everything manufactured (from my ctd rep) for the next 6 months is already sold to distribution. crazy.