Texas rate of pay?

Just had job offer from Waco Texas.In Chicago right now and was wondering what would be the going rate for a Foreman/Superintendent for residential.

696 pesos a day

How big of a company? How many jobs planned?

200 employees ton of work.It is a company thats been there awhile not a storm chaser or anything like that.Had own company for 20 years and just wanted to know rate of pay there compaired to chicago.

What is the journeyman rate of pay? Or how much is the price per sq. of laying a sq. of shingles.

Texas is very different from the rest of the country, including Dallas. Not sure what the term super means to Yankees vs. southerners, but you could be looking at 800 to 1000 a week. Cost of living in Texas is much lower than the rest of the country. Waco included. While your there, visit the Dr. Pepper museum and the Texas Rangers hall of fame. (the ones that carried guns, not the ones that get paid millions to play a kids game.)

Thanx Rooferama I’ll do that.

I would think about 50k or more.

I hope you speak spanish and love illegals you love it there what do i know maybe you always wanted to go work in another country

Ya, it would be safe to say that job in Texas would require you to speak very good Spanish.

My neighbor is down in the Houston area doing fences for a few month until the ground warms up here. He said there’s an amazing amount of work to be done down there.

By looking at Xactimate price lists for areas of Texas it looks like about 1/4-1/3 the prices as what’s paid in Minnesota. Think I’ll stick around home!

thanx dougger

48K-56K, depending on experience. Must be bilingual.