Thanks for all your support were back


You should know, anyone willing to consider will want to know the reason…“long story”

Unfortunately I don’t need anyone so no point in telling me the reason…

im posting because i want to hear the “long story”

HAHAHAHAHAHA, I love it!!!

I like the name… I also like to hear other people’s sob storys. They make for great reading.

jedi, im w/ ya bro. ive left this area before & always made out good. they appreciate the way we hustle & our work check out agape, stop by in penn. & work for lefty for the summer first. i wish i could pack uplike the old days, my youngest is 12 y.o., soon enough. hey, he lumps & puts on easy courses.

If you had your own company for 10 years and all of a sudden need to get up and move “far away” I want to know who you owe money too and how much of it.

good point bam, plus if you had your own co. its gonna be hard to get used to going back to work for someone else. you wont make nearly enough in other parts of the country. rent will be cheaper & some states dont take out state tax like mass.

whatcha gonna do when someone has a problem with there warrantee you do give a guarantee don’t you?fly back?

estes, i think he said his co. is gone now. so whether he sold it or went outta business i dont think he his to honor them. mass. & rhode island you get a longer warranty w/ a car or truck than a home or roof. $250,000 - $300,000 for most homes only a 3 yr. workmanship warranty, same w/ a $5,000 - $10,000 roof job. the law says you only have to give a 2 yr. workmanship warranty. i give 5 yrs. for a $5,000 job & 10 yrs. for a $10,000 job.