The broken record question...the gun or the hammer?

I know the pros of both.

What would you say the biggest con of the gun? and the biggest con of the hammer?

The biggest con for each is speed.

No guns for us. Hand-nail only. In my experience, gun nailers tend to go too fast and sometimes miss the nailing target. I know that there are a lot of gun nailers on this board. I’m not trying to impune their abilities. Like I said…“in my experience.”

Axiom may have just said the best line regarding the subject…


where and tear on a guy is the con of the hand nail days “ancient history”, the gun is an untrained or uncaring applicator . The quality is good if you have good people that care.

I am constantly on my guys about shooting there nails in straight and in the right place. However I could not imagine roofing with out them. That gives me a good idea though next time I have to get on one of them for not nailing there shingle right I’ll threaten to make them hand nail.

hahahaha good idea!

And I do believe axiom nailed it on the head, pun intended!