The difference between Male and Female roofers

Males have been putting down roofs since roofs existed. Women have been in the kitchen cookin since fire existed. One day some lady decided to burn her bra and then the next thing you know you see women all over the workforce. The men of yesterday had a major problem with women walking into the workforce but the men of today have a different outlook. They see us hot mama’s up there on them roofs covered in sweat in our ball caps and sports bra’s strapped up with a hitachi and they now stand at attention. The only major difference is us Women have just enough political clout on them roofs to get you guys to get our bundles, and go down to the ground for things :smiley: Hope all u folks like this it’s just a joke I thought it was pretty funny as I wrote it.

           The one thing we all have in common is DUCT TAPE. If you can't duck it **** it, bleed!

the best roofer in the world is the one on the boat, with the fishing pole and a bucket full of cold ones.

Q, he’s the smartest one, anyways.

SYS, youre nasty for a girl. LOL :shock:

I have no comment until I see a picture of SYS.


I don’t know how to post a pic tell me and I will :smiley:

guess it dont work




here is a picture of my best side:

Good one Q

Good marketing niche there SYS!! I think women roofers do have a real niche in the roofing business.


marketing niche??? I don’t have my own company I work for other folks. They never see me comin :smiley:

There you go!!! time to go out on your own.

The women companies in this area are doing pretty good, and because they are women. Maybe its a trust thing?! I don’t know.

How long have you been roofing?

7 years or so training on the roof. Lived in a roofing company home for 16 years prior to the 7 years in the field.

Ever think of working in Chicago? 8)

Pretty windy over there in the Illy. I have never been to Chicago but I have done lots of new construction jobs in Swansea, Fairview Heights, and O’fallon. Then there was one somewhere but I forgot where so I just won’t count it.

Youve been a membre here since '03? Where you been hiding?

What types of roofing do you install?

This website started out a site for a different company it’s been through a few changes and alterations through the few company’s it has passed hands between. That sounded so Yoda! Anywho it’s about to get another facelift :twisted: but I thought to myself that I should share it with you guys cause it’s a pretty cool site. It got me a 4 1/2 ft. Plush Pink Panther and a few owen’s corning shirts. I sure would like to get my hands on an OC hat them are pretty hard to come by in my neck of the woods. I have seen em though. Anyway I will shut up now and post the link…

I been roofin : :wink: Only 5 years old. Might reroof it for em. They are gonna have the insurance folks come check it out. They are real nice people older deaf couple. I should be happy about it but I’m not, that seed wasn’t supposed to pop yet.