The Dreaded how much to charge question?

Ok normally I wouldnt ask this question, but in this case its worth a shot. A homeowner has ordered Decra shingles to be installed on his home and he wants our company to do the work the home is located 6 hours away so normally I would touch it but this homeowner really wants us to do the work as he heard very positive things about our company.

So the big question how much should I charge per sq for labor? Its a fairly cut up roof 80sq, I have already spoken with the decra company and they are agreed to fly out a rep to help with install the first two days.

How slow does this stuff go on and what should I charge per square labor only as the material has already been ordered.

Thanks ahead of time

Don’t know about the Decra, but make sure you charge room and board!

Yeah rooming isnt the issue here, as I said its normally not something I would take on but it will keep a crew busy for a week or so and they will learn how to install a new product.

did you see this yet? it might give you a bit of an idea? … 49&lang=en

Hi, I do alot of Decra.Are youdoing the Shingle, shigle plus, tile or shake?Read the manuals they supply or you can download off the website. Youll need a bender and a shear. There is really no play as far as the exposure goes, either buy their spacers or I make my own out of angle and some scrap 2x. Take your time on the layout…the more precise you are with your battens, the smoother it will go. Also, I use an awl, or even my snips to mark my bend or cuts…the stone coating will scratch white, making it easy to see. If you have tile and metal experience, this will help.Sorry, cant tell you how much too charge, I usualluy start off at $580/sq and go up from there aprox. PM me if you have any specific installation questions, I’ll try to help, but may take awhile to get back to you, swamped right now.Good luck-Ray

Deathray - You said what I was going to be I just wanted to comment on your per square pricing.

I start Decra at 560. Surprising that into complete different locations how close the price is on that.

That is my only comment other than have fun, charge room and board and 12 trip charges since it is 6 hours each way.

So you start decra at 560 with out material? Thanks for the feedback. We are doing the decra shingle which is being applied directly to the decking without the use of battens


i cannot tell you how much to charge because i don’t know your company like you do. What i can tell you is that Decra installs faster in the field but much slower on the details. valleys and hips go slower w/ decra. Make sure you consult w/ the Decra rep on what tools you need. your nail guns will be worthless lol you will trade them in for cordless screw guns… and that is just a start.

Hi A, no that is including material. The shingle is easy, BUT pay close attention to a tip on the wrapper…You want to angle the top left screw so to draw your panel up and keep it square. It will make sense once you read the wrapper the shingle product comes in.That is my favorite one to lay up, you dont need the earlier mentioned sheer and bender for it.Friggin Decra wont sell Shingle out here anymore, unless I buy a whole truck.Good luck-Ray

either way it will be a nice roof. cant tell you how much to charge you have to put a pen to the paper and figure how many days will it take, and add it all up.

Maybe i am not understanding something, you ordered the material and did not give a price? it does not make alot of sense to me but i could have mis-red the post sometime it happens.

decra normally takes 2 to 3 times as long ans shingles would. Use the good underlayments and you should be fine.

Its a simple equation.

X times(number of sq.)= price

Of course finding X can be difficult.

Just remember Pie R square.

I always thought pie r round

and cornbread r square

Thats why I is a roofer

I don’t care for all that siphering and figuring