The ‘ E ‘ word is why my friends

Recently, an employee in the enforcement department of our state contractor licensing board told me that of all trades roofing by far has the highest degree of complaints, litigation, and confrontation. A contractor acquaintance in California said the same thing. Why is that? A few years back a rep for a major membrane manufacturer told me “ The roofing industry has been destroyed “. He was serious. Why is that? Am soon starting the 10th year as an independent roofing consultant of which there are very few. Have worked in five states. 44 years legitimate experience including 29 years as a roofer doing the work daily. This is all on the huge website. Some may ask “ Why is he so negative “ ? The ‘E’ word folks. Experience. Reality. I don’t like seeing nice folks being taken advantage of. Sorry if that offends some out there. The degree of shoddy and inept fraudulent work I see on a regular basis is astounding. Have helped hundreds of homeowners become un-ripped off. When homeowners decide to pay many thousands of dollars for a new roof I doubt they seek a lousy job. I don’t think it’s asking too much to have it done to code and manufacturers instructions and specifications. Am in a lot of courtrooms and arbitration hearings as an expert witness. See new roofs all the time that needed replacing. Really! Some of you legitimate, qualified, customer oriented roofers should see where I’m coming from. Roofing is a cutthroat back stabbing trade. You know that. You other piece work a payin’, no-caulk pipe flashing usin’, garbage electro galvanized nails a drivin’ roofers don’t git it. If y’all don’t appreciate the commentary then change the channel. I’m just a tryin’ tuh heppp. So you fellers just git up’errr on that roof and spin them spurs!

And exactly how are you trying to help? As the self anointed harbinger heralding the fall of the roofing empire, your contribution is about as useful as shit on my shoe. Every time you post, you’re condescending, spiteful and unashamedly conceited. How about you go post on “another channel” as I’m sure we’d rather chuckle at nail tips from Teesla than be subjected to yet another asshole like yourself. Too many of you in this business and most have drinking problems. You sir are the problem.


Drywall, paint, framing, foundations, etc., etc. Are you also on their forums? All of us reputable contractors have a name for you and it starts with D and ends with bag. And be careful of the cowboys who have caused so much of the fear in your life. Roofers are even scarier D-bag.


Wife, girlfriend, or other, ran off with a roofer.


I’m guessing other. Broke back mountain syndrome.


It might be the “I” word. Ignore-ance. Customer ignorance…
The current business model is to hire a dirt bag lawyer to set up a LLC and teach you how to write ambiguous contracts with plenty of loopholes and fine print. Next, hire the greasiest con man you can find and put him in sales. Then you find the cheapest subcontractors you can find. Buy into BBB, Angies List, Home pro, and any other bullshit contractor rating company. You are now golden, until you have to change the business name in a year or two and repeat the pattern.


Never mind, i discovered the ignore feature.


Married two kids. You apparently spend way too much time on Lose a few pounds then git up off your brains and get some real work done. Don’t squat on yerr spurs. My post is factual. I’d offer my website but you janglers would clog it up. Tile huh? Broken or straight bond open or closed valleys? Ever heard of copper wire? Lead? Slurry?

Did I hit a nerve? Ever put on a real roof?

44 years son. Have a nice day.

Broken bond except for S tile, straight bond is for hacks that can’t keep it straight. Slurry coats suck that’s why they quit making them long ago. Stainless wire is preferable to copper since there may be dissimilar metals involved. It’s harder to twist for limp wrists such as yourself though. Maybe you should have done some ranch work when you were younger.


I mean all those complaints can’t possibly have anything to do with people getting 4 bids around 15k and another at 8k and thinking all those roofers, with websites, and employees, and offices, and overhead are just trying to rip them off! It is the guy with a truck and works out of a rented room that is the only one who gave them the real price.

Roofers can’t possibly know what they are talking about, I mean they might also be expert witnesses in litigation, or writing specs, or consulting with architects and engineers. But those are the ones that give expensive bids, we know they are just rip offs.


Electro galv, so now it’s the manufacturers of nails that have caused the “fall of roofing…” I suppose you only recommend hand nailing too.

Some of the biggest hacks I know are the “40 plus years guys”. “Back in the day when we had 100 gallon mastic pumpers and 10’ fiberglass webbing to seal everything “. Guys who still talk about slurry coats, which led to massive lawsuits for tile manufacturers due to premature failure. I’m guessing you also liked Cemwood and Firefree products.

All manufacturers require non-corrosive fasteners for fastening shingles.

True non-corrosive fasteners cost 2x to more than 3x as much as the commodity electrogalvanized roofing nails that we all commonly use.

The vast majority of roofers use electro galvanized nails those that care will at least use the right fasteners in the places that matter.

I agree with the dickhead on this.


In many areas I’m sure you’re correct. We are in a somewhat dry climate and tear off close to 100 roofs a year, all either eg nails or staples. The only rust we ever see on nail heads is on low slope like 3-12, or overexposed courses.

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IMO this only applies to areas that get snow on a regular basis.

The manufacturers still say to use non-corrosive fasteners, they don’t specify region.

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Great words from a great man. :joy:

Electro galvanized nails 1-1/4” at $74 a 7,200 box. Hot dipped galvanized nails at $130 for same thing. Do your homework before making your commentary irrelevant. Tell Tileman to sober up. I feel sorry for him. Burp.

Staples were disallowed by all codes in 2003. Jingle jangle.