The Great Compromise

As many of you know, I was ready to call it quits with my company. Here is what I did instead.

I got a job doing real estate “sales” focusing on pre-forclosures. I get a list of target properties to hit that are maybe a month old of court hearings for forclosure. So, I go to their houses and try to do equity splits for a quick sale before people become forclosed.

This opportunity allowed me to be able to speak frankly with my best friend/ partner about where our business is going and he admitted to me that he was hindering my capabilities with his current situation and abilities. My new plan that my new boss and my partner are now aware of is that I will do door to door roofing sales while doing my new job. It is working great. I’m selling more roofs door to door than I ever sold in my life, and I’m finding my pitch at finding people that will detatch from homes they have no chance on keeping.

I have a huge heart. It is tough to walk up to a person and suggest they give up what I know was their dream. I have to keep reminding myself that many of these people truly have no chance to keep their houses.

The worst part is that my new boss is a predator. I can’t say to him that I can’t find the heart to exploit a person that my heart tells me has the fortitude to overcome the difference. If I thought I was doing a service, I would sell everything. To some, I know in my heart that there is an easier way out and I can’t hide that. I sold mortgages before too and I couldn’t survive because I’m not a predator.

A couple weeks into this deal and I’m feeling that I can still sell quality roofs at reasonable prices, but I can’t steal money from the poor people that I came from. I feel guilty for even knowing that I’m trying. I just know I don’t want to be poor anymore. What do I do my compadres?

Well, you are a better man than i am. I could not do that job for all the money in the world. Im being honest i just could not. Selling roofs for profit is one thing, being envolved with people losing there homes i just dont think i could. Im glad to hear that you are selling more roofs than ever thats a great thing. I just dont understand what exactly you do with the homes that people are losing. What is your partner thinking of know that you have told him. Are you helping save there credit or something buy paying off the mortgage at a high profit margin? I wish you luck here Severance and happy holidays.

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My advise as another Massachusetts roofer keep at it, dont give up the ship . give me a call if you want and maybee I can help.
it takes a stratagy but you can do it


You may really be helping those people out that have no other avenues aside from foreclosure.

If youre doing that good at the sales, maybe hook up with a roofing company and sell.

Besides what Aaron said, realize that if you weren’t helping these people some genewine predator would so they are actually better off with you on that job. I’ve done loans myself and while you don’t have to be a predator, you can’t be Miss Lonelyhearts either or you’ll go nuts.