The International Roofing Expo

Hi! My name is Stephanie Garcia, and I work in exhibit sales for The International Roofing Expo, which you may know as the former NRCA trade show. I’m interested to hear from you roofing contractors what we could do to make the IRE even more valuable to you.

Are there products you would like to see at the show that have been underrepresented? What types of products and services are you using to expand your sales beyond standard roofing jobs? Are there educational seminars or networking events you would like to attend?

Our show is the largest and longest running roofing event in North America, and we are committed to improving it for you every year. I value your input, and welcome any suggestions, so please email me at Thank you!

sure send me some tickets.

You can register for the show online at Just click Register Now!

This thread is useless without pics of Stephanie in a string bikini…


Oh TarMonkey…you have to come to the show to see that! :smiley:

But…but…I need incentive!


I meant to say FREE tickets.

We will have free buyer’s passes available in the next few weeks. You can get one from any exhibitor, or if you’ll email me, I’ll personally make sure you get one when we get them here in the office.

Now, you have to tell me what you want to see at the show. Fair is fair…


The seminars are very helpful. Besides, being with positive successful people is so helpful.

I am definitely going to any Energy Star semminars. The need to show how the roof will pay for itself. This is going to be a big issue. Both with tax credits and energy savings.

The one thing is going to Vegas all the time. Another city would be nice.

I’m with Lefty on that one… while it’s not exactly expensive to fly to Vegas, there’s no way I’d get the wife to approve a work trip there.

If I were to take her, she’d say “So what am I supposed to do with the kids while you’re on the trade show floor or in a seminar?”

I am interested in green roofing, i.e. products with the ability to hold a plantable base. I also concur with Lefty on the Energy Star programs.

PS: I guess by now Steph is used to knuckle dragging roofers, hence her ability to put up with Tar. :wink:

RanchHand, leave the kids with nana and you and Mrs. Ranch hop on a plane! The NRCA has a nice program for spouses, and she might enjoy that. And as you know, Vegas provides excellent entertainment, dining, shopping, and casinos. You may need to work a little harder in January to pay for it, though! :smiley:

We will be back on our rotating schedule after 2009. We’ll be in Vegas during odd numbered years and in other locations in even numbered years. The other locations aren’t set yet, but when they are, I will let you all know.

Here at Hanley Wood, we are going green, so we are putting a premium on anything that can help lessen the environmental impact of our businesses. That means promoting green roofing, EnergyStar, and the whole 9 yards. I think you can expect even more from us as green building becomes more prevalent.

As for the knuckle draggers, we Texas women are bred to deal with em. Bring it on!

Sure I will be there only if my boss pays for my food , beer and of coarse gambling expenses :smiley: