The price to install a new rafter

How much to replace 2x8, 8 feet rafters

lets say 14 of them.

Cantave, are you familiar with the expression “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”? You’ve posted a number of questions, and had experienced roofers give you pretty reasonable answers for the questions you posed. But if you are not asking the right questions, and since none of us know your exact situation, for you to take those answers and apply them to your specific situation is just plain dangerous.

For any project to be successful, you have to know your starting point (ie, what do you actually have), your destination (what you want to end up with), a realistic project plan (scope of work), a team capable of fulfilling the plan (in this case, you and the contractor or contractors), a budget that can pay for the contractors and materials, and a schedule that allows everything to come together in the right sequence. In addition, you have the additional constraints of ensuring that you meet Dade County roofing rules, and that any contractor you hire legitimately must have the appropriate licenses.

Let’s start with your starting point - what is the exact state of your roof, and why does it need to be redone? What deficiencies exist that must be corrected? Why is it that you cannot get that information from your local roofing contrators and have to ask quesions on the internet? I googled “Home Inspectors Miami” and got over 1,000,000 hits. On the first five pages, I saw at least 30 companies that do this work. Give them a call and set up one or more appointments. Expect to pay for the knowledge you will be getting. If you are hoping for a “free estimate”, then remember that free advice is worth what you paid for it. So first you need to determine what your actual situation is (including hidden defects), and you will have to pay someone with experience to give you that information.

Next, where do you want to end up? Are you looking for a cheap solution, or one that will last for 5, 10, 20, 50 years? Do you have a clear vision of what you want to see as the end result, or do you need help determining that? Obviously, if your home already meets all the current codes, and you just need to replace the shingles, then the price will be a lot lower than if you have to repair damage, bring the home up to code, and then do a re-roof. What’s the look of your house? What materials would be appropriate in your situation? You’re asking us about the price, and we really have no idea of where you’re starting from, nor where you want to end up.

I’ve made the comment in another post, that since the quality of the roof (and the “real” warranty) is determined by the quality of the installer, you really need to focus on getting the best roofer you can afford. If that person is as professional as a number of people on this board, he or she will let you know what has to get done, what they would recommend to you given your exact situation, and why, and then work with you to develop the exact scope of work and schedule. This expertise WILL NOT BE CHEAP. A good craftsman or woman will invest the time to understand your needs and develop the scope of work, but only if they expect to do the work - otherwise they’ll be wasting their time. So do yourself a favour, if you don’t have the expertise to determine what the scope of work has to be (and judging by the questions you have asked, you don’t), hire (and pay) someone with that expertise so that you can scope out what you’re getting yourself into. With a clear scope defined, you can then ask a number of qualified roofers to quote. Good luck.

yeah im not sure what mr cantave is up to.
dont know if hes tryin to start a roofin company, or if hes allready one and tryin to get prices.
dont know. dont really care.


To every one.
I am a flipper meaning I buy rotten properties and get contractors to help me fix them.
But some time I get ripped off by some of them,
that is the reason why i keep asking you ***Roofs albert Einsteins ***a lots of questions.
sorry If I’m getting on some of you guys nerves but sorry,I’m a novice in this business an I want to know.
You guys are very savvy when it’s come to houses,propeties,roofs and so on and i need all the knowledges i can get.
Please welcome me among you ROOF GODS.
Inquiring minds wants to know.


How is it you are getting ripped off?

How do you know youre getting ripped off?

well mr flipper,
i was close.
so i will give ya the best advise i can think of.
dont loose my email address or phone number.


[quote=“cantave”]How much to replace 2x8, 8 feet rafters

lets say 14 of them.[/quote]

The reason you get this answers is because is a very incomplete question . Is like me asking you :

"how much does it cost to buy a car "

Usually when i get people asking me about prices like that is usually people trying to find the cheapest price , When a person has a good reliable roofer already price becomes a subject only if it is very expensive.

No one can answer you that question with the info provided accurately and we are just as the roofer you can get localy if you look in the right place .

Give gweedo a call and hire him .


Hey Q good to see you back!