The rate per square for a tearoff

i was wondering what is the going rate per square for a tear-off in the city of st. cloud?

where are you located ? that would have alot to say as to how much money you would charge . Are you licensed and insured ? What type of shingle are you installing ? etc.

between 170 or 180 per sq.1 layer+30yr. dem. walker.

I charge $160-400 a square for one layer jobs, all prices for Landmark 30.

Insurance jobs are top dollar paid and phone book jobs are the lowest dollar jobs. When you do enough of both they even out fairly well.

hay dougger were do you get 400 per sq.I will leave tommorow to get that kind of money,Ive been doing ins. jobs in indpls and hardly see 190 per sq.walker 1 layer t.o. 30 yr.dem.

We change about $90 to 150 a square that down in Bedford county.

well I’ve been somewhere around 240 to 280 a square on referrals and like one of you said 180 to 200 for yellow pages inquiries . that’s with 30 yr GAF ,tamko , etc. tear off and cart away .

Curry, I was getting around $400 a square on one layer insurance 7/12’s. Last Summer I started to sub from my cousin in law who has been with two of the largest insurance contracting companies in MN over the past 5 years as an estimator. As we became friends he’s shared information I’ve found invaluable in my roofing trade. After several hunting trips and fishing trips and bar trips he’s leaked information to me.

When bidding for an insurance company don’t miss one detail and diagram everything as miticulous as possible.

Last Fall I took some information learned from my “cuz” and I was able to turn 3 roof only insurance jobs into an extra $10,000 from what the roof estimates were originaly. Consider how many roofers who saw the insurance estimates at $200 a square would have said it was good money and not question the insurance bid?

His trick in turning $5K insurance bids into $50K insurance estimates is to be really nice to the insurance adjusters, and be patient.

In 5 years he says he’s still looking for that perfect insurance bid. Chub insurance comes closest.

To tear off… is to throw your money in the dump. Literally. consider sustainable roofing systems.

Not many home owners willing to pay for anything more than a 30 year roof system in Minnesota. You will see thousands of asphalt/fiberglass roofs to one metal roof.

Out East you start seeing more metal roofs/metal roofing companies.

I agree with you, but there is not of much of a market for that here.