The roof Peak

We recently had a wind storm and it blew the shingles off the peak of my roof. I wondering the best way to replace them. It is not a regular peak. Picture below.

would I just bend the shingle around the flashing?
Any help would be appreciated.


Where’s the damage? The peak looks fine to me. The flashing looks healthy and it looks like the roof will shed water. What did it look like before the storm?

It had shingles over the flashing.

So it is fine how it is? Should I put any type of sealant over the nail holes, and where the flashing overlaps?

geocell 2300 to seal the holes…good to go

the shingles you lost were most likely there to hide the metal and were just stuck on with caulk.

if your better with a paint brush than a hammer just get some matching paint and caulk.

Hoss & Marshall are spot on; if you wanted, you could replace the shingles again (if you look, there’s a bit of a darker color all the way to almost the end).

It looks like the shingle had been folded over along with the metal on your parapet cap.

If you want to put them back on to cover the metal, I say you would be better served by trimming the shingle down & then re-cementing it back on.

Okay. Thanks alot for the advice

please use roof cement when you readhere the cosmetic shingle.

dont like caulk in that application.


Use adhesive **starter strip **instead of the shingles. The adhesive stuff holds onto both flashing and rain/ice real tight. Lowes and Home Depot has it in various colors. I demonstrated it to a couple long time roofers who wondered if it was any good. IT IS.

Be sure to overlap favorable to the ‘usual’ wind direction when it rains. Usually that is from the West, but that can change with mountains, nearby buildings, or proximity to other wind-altering devices. (Your house isn’t under a wind-mill is it?)

That peak is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your roof. Protect it or water can get under the shingles and destroy the whole roof. It’s good you raised the alarm. This can be serious. If it hails on light guage flashing, it can turn it into crumpled tin-foil. Get some asphalt up there.

Solar seal or geo seal is 500 time better than any black mammy that gweedo is trying to use. In this application caulk is the correct material. Roofing tar tends to get brittlke after about 18 months from being exposed to the sun and well it cracks. Then it is useless. Even when i started in theis trade i was taught the “Black Mammy” is not a long term solution for any roofing problem. It is a temp fix. ANyone saying to use tar is a hack in my book.

It looks like a combination peak\coping metal and it doesn’t really need to have a shingle glued to it…
You can if you want but it is just for looks.

GTP - Tar has legitimate uses on a roof, it needs to be applied properly like any other material.
Tar is not meant to be exposed or it will quickly fail.
If there is a spot on the roof that needs caulking to make it watertight, take it apart and do it right.

You hate tar so much, what do you use to seal the caps that go from a dormer ridge into the main roof??

Ax thats a totally different story. Not on head of nails is my point so i clairify. If its exposed its done.


I am a proud hack.

I can make roof cement last a long time expoused to the sun.

just geocell the nail holes and be done w/it,exposed tar cures in about 6 months,elastomer would be better,but geocell2300 is the best,if you`re putting back the shingles geocell has geocell rp-400 for that

cosmetic shingle strip! cosmetic shingle strip!

would the mortal class of 2000 i dont know, please go back to the question.
what to use to adheire the cosmetic shingle to the
edge metal.

and Axiom,
you have to be a little firmer with gtp,
gtp have you lost your mind ?
geocell or any other caulk will never seal a shingle
to metal better than plastic roof cement.


Honestly i dont think there was shingles atop the reversed wall flashing in the firstplace…
AN dif there was there is no evidence to prove there was…
Any reagular qualking would do just fine…
And yeah he could spruce the look up with some paint atop the meatal…But i dont see that paint lasting any longer than then the qulaking…


& To think, I thought Gweedo was unconcerned about his spelling.

“Qualking”? Now I’ve heard it all.

Where ya been, Buster?


& To think, I thought Gweedo was unconcerned about his spelling.

“Qualking”? Now I’ve heard it all.

Where ya been, Buster?[/quote]

maan i dont have time to spell all nice and dandy…
But anyways ive been around…here an there…
making big things happen…Just keeping busy…the new roofing biz is kinda slowing down…but its still alright i guess…