The Sad Situation In Moore - Oklahoma - 5/20/2013

Hopefully the Moore area families and community dealing with the horrific tornado effects will find their children, and loved ones.

What a tragedy. On MSNBC a dad was just describing how they pulled a car off of a teacher, and she had used her body to protect 3 children under her. Then he started to cry, and said he had to go because he had a little girl still buried at the school.

Our prayers go out to them all.

As the story develops, it is soooo incredibly sad. I cannot imagine what being a parent that is missing their child is going through right now. So much devastation, so many broken hearts.

Please do what you all can personally do can to help. Maybe send as much money as you can to the Red Cross.

With everything gone in minutes…Many are going to be overwhelmed, and just need money, and housing. Maybe you have an travel trailer to loan, or donate.

Maybe you can put a family up in a hotel for 3-6 months, or more. Or buy fresh clothing. Or maybe buy or give someone a used/new vehicle.

Just don’t do nothing…Please.

Just imagine it was you…there.

Just saw a GEICO ad right after a MSNBC news update on the catastrophe. Hopefully they are not using the wake of a tragedy to promote their business.

Hope that State Farm doesn’t promote fraudulent business practices to “settle” tornado victims claims.

Quote -"“As you will see from the papers filed by the Rigsbys, this verdict reveals only the tip of the iceberg regarding the depth and scope of State Farm’s fraud. The Rigsbys have now proven that State Farm committed fraud. The only question left is how big was the fraud and how much money was involved,” Matteis said.

Knowing State Farm’s overall history…I would be ashamed to be an adjuster representing them. They are interesting.

I mean that any insurer that strategically breaks their promises, and misuses the legal system, when their trusting clients need them the most…is morally bankrupt. Period.

And that goes for the so called “cat or staff adjusters” that support their shammy business culture.

And the same applies to Allstate, USAA, Farmers, Am Fam, etc. supporters.

If contractors ran their business like major insurers do in post-cat markets…Insurers would would be rabidly screaming “Insurance Fraud” in order to hide their own corrupt and stealth anti-consumer/people business practices.