The winter months

It looks like it has been discussed briefly before, but what do you all do in the winter?
This is my first year in business and I honestly can make it through the winter without working, I have been that busy all summer/fall. I am most concerned about my employees, as I could make it through the winter without working.

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how much snow do you get over there? around here lots of guys sign up a few snow removal contracts, (driveways, sidewalks and roofs) to keep the guys busy.

Definitely enough storms to keep fairly busy. I have thought about it, but to be honest, I wasn’t sure how to get into the market.

check out some old posts about christmas lights on people’s roofs. I’ve never done it but it could be a good idea

Do they ice fish or snowmobile? If so, they won’t want to work anyways. :smiley:

Unemployment compensation.

We’ve always worked through winter with lots of new construction. This years gonna be a different story

Good to hear you are concerned with your guys survival. As for what to do… I’m still looking for that answer also.

It doesn’t snow much here in Southeast PA. I work through winter as long as there is no snow or rain.

I have home owners ask me the question all the time, my answere is always, “Ice Fish”… Most laugh when they hear it.

In years past when people bought new houses every few years used to have as much work as I needed through Dec-March. Now since Winter of 06/07 have done very little new roofs, 95% insurance work.

For the past 12 years since I’ve been self employed Falls are always the busiest time of year. That being said enough funds are made in Sept-Nov to get me through Dec-March.

Last year we did some metal roofing and cedar shake roofing in the Winter which was only intended to give the subs something to do rather than snowmobile or ice fish.

Tried snow plowing and didn’t like it, cut to much into ice fishing time. Still have the plows but use them now for personal use only. As a matter of fact that reminds me Winter is comming and my plow is broke!

I love to ice fish and will do much of it this winter. I’ll try to update what I end up doing as the winter gets closer.