The world's greatest artist

Ex-roofer makes it big in the art world. I’m soooo jealous cry

if only i`d realised there was a market for such things :roll:

Looks like his favorite thing to use in his art is ROOF TAR!! lol

you’re quick on that one. I thought it was the animals he choose. Now I get it…

Tar monkey = tar art - get it do ya

OK, I have a question… is this a dumbass who think’s he’s a roofer or a roofer who thinks he’s a dumbass??

I make stuff like this daily in my special “Art Room”… I call this space my “Shit-Tar”.

Sheesh… people will buy anything if you call it “art”.

Of course we’re all jealous we didn’t think of this first.

It’s pronounced Dew-mahs…