They at it again

Ok this year so far there has been 3 changes in requirements to contractors :

  1. No more wokmens comp exepmtion for soleownership companies even if the owner has no employees.

  2. Contract requirements has turned into an insane 6 pages of notices and stuff.

  3. Bond requirements with the state have increased of about 25%

I am very close to just blowing this deal off. this government makes runing a business almost impossible since they keep increasing the requirements every month or so…

Right now there is only one person making good money here in my neck of the woods in roofin and this are all the roofers i used to work with that are up to their necks in sidejobs … ALL CASH !!!.. yup .

Why ??

Because all this overhead and requirements this government is getting us stuck with is causing us to be of no competition with the $4,000 less for the same thing guys …

The list of leads i looked at last week and followed up with they ended up hiring another person for half the price … BEIGN AWARE THEY ARE ON THE SIDE WITH NO INSURANCES .OR ANYTHING.

Yes my phone is ringing lately … But is from guys who want me to give them a hand to do this sidejobs.

Honestly if i would have known all this bullshit the state license board give us i woul have never open my business and just worked for someone and do stuff on the side like all this guys making the bucks are doing it right now…


I thin k thaty if theyre going to make laws that are supposedly protect homeowners, they should make it a crime to use unlicensed or uninsured people to do the work.

This only because the laws favor the scammers over legitimate businesses that actually contribute to society and the economy.

Run tanks of gas out, to do your estimates. Than when you call back it’s Sorry gave it to a guy that was cheaper.But (revenge)I got a call from a customer a few weeks back. She said her roof done by another company. It was done wrong and now she wants us to correct it… Yeah sure I WON"T :evil: To top it off,her insurance refuses to help her now.
Sick of the rat race. my overhead is killin me

Greg, try capitalizing on it instead. Makes for a happy self. :slight_smile:


Why would you not build a great referral. Make good money and not have to do all the bull work.

Why should the insurance company pay for it?