This job should be fun

Very cut up 1880 Victorian 3 layers on Cedar. Its a funeral home so i have to work around Calling Hours. this should be a fun one!

what would you bid? 51.5 square

@ 50k

not far off,…45-55k,but i also loovve jobs like this,do quit a few of those kind a yr. :mrgreen:

Now that there is what my dad would call a PIGLET.

If I was really slow and decided to bid it and figuring it needs new decking which most old homes with cedars need them it would be around $850-900 a square with 30 year laminates. On a roof like that I’d try to upsell a Certainteed Super Shangle though to get it to over a grand a square!

Let me guess Timerlines with cracks?

Although it’s a funeral home so white and black is fitting a house like that with some color would look amazing.

I had a contractor take me over to a house in berkeley that was two sided but minimally was about 12:12 and 14:12. Thats were i was like, “yeah we dont roof those” maybe one day when i have a crew and guys to do the labor for my father and I all look at those but not right now.

have fun with that one bud and be safe!

Same here.

All i would say is thank you for the call but im uncomfortable doing this type of work on this building. Meaning well funeral homes freak me out i do not like them.

Working around their time will be hard at best. Those things are open by me from 1pm to 9pm. Great for summer but cleanup is a must everyday. Good sell Marshell