This one should be fun

Wood shake, plus 5 layers of Asphalt. lol

Oh, and I counted SEVEN layers of shingle on that spot, and SIX on another… so im assuming that at least one of those is a starter row. lol

Need help with that?Oh…Just remembered I’m busy,lol.Have fun!! :smiley:

Its not like Jason actually has to deal with ha so he doesn’t care more layers = more money ha, those houses are like a diamond in the rough.

Most ive seen around here is 3 asphalt and 1 cedar. In the past 2 years ive only done two jobs that were 2 layers everything else is one layer.

^ exactly.

im not ripping those shingles off!

So i was just back out there again… pretty sure only the bottom layer is a starter row.

so thats 7 layers total. one shake, 6 asphalt.








Thats a row of $$$ for each layer. LOL

Good for him, bad for the roofers.

If it was a job I would be working on, I would have to regretfully decline the job but I will let someone else do it.

I wonder if with all that weight if the rafters are noticeably sagging.

I charge a lot, but pay my guys accordingly.

they love roofs like this! lol.

dunno about the rafters, cant really tell. but i can tell you that the brick in the sides of the house in 3 places has at least a 1" gap where the brick is completely separated, from the top, all the way to the bottom.

Paying the guys you want to keep is important. When they are crabing about how much this job sucks and how much they hate you, at least they know if they quit and go work for someone else, they wont make as much or have it as nice.

Then tomorrow will come and all will be fine. I dont mind doing one like that every once in awhile but if I worked for you and its ALL you got, I would quit my job then kick you where it hurts on the way out. :slight_smile:

Man you Tulsa guys sure like your layers…eh? :mrgreen:

I love that type of strip, when I’m at leist a binoculars distance away. Ha. I wonder what the last roofers were thinking? Probably…"I’m gonna get my check and change my phone number!!! I don’t understand how someone can do work like that and sleep at night.

Man i gotta get to OK. Looks sunny and green there right now. Lots of snow here.

That pic was before we got our 8" of snow on Christmas eve. lol. We arecovered up here and expecting more snow tonight.

But it never stays long.

We are doing several repairs this week for customers that can’t find their storm chasing company to come fix their leaks. We will likely stay busy till mid next week with just the repairs, then get back to re-roofin.

I’m guessing that roof doesn’t even leak. All those layers of roofing are soaking up the water before it reaches the interior. :frowning:

No known leaks at all.

No leaks, no problem. Just roof over :wink:

Agape, Of the homes you post on here, many look like they have the same design. Are these homes in an area that got built up when all the men returned from ww2?

The city next to mine has streets lined of the same houses, only differences are roofs and siding and they were built for that reason of the guys returning home. Just wondering if its the same type of deal in the OK.

Bam, on the north, and central side of town, yes. thats the case with a LOT of the houses. most of them are 900-1300 sq feet, gable, maybe one dormer, and some get REALLY steep (i was on a 7:12 with a 18:12 front gable last week).

I really like the older houses like that. The people appreciate the good work, and are always nice, bring out drinks and snacks for the guys, always pay on time… the good roofs.

i do plenty of newer houses too, but they are all on the south and east side of town. im doing a 70sq 12:12 house next week when it clears up. putting some class 4 archs up, and lots of copper. and the guys yard is crazy clean and perfect. copper mailbox, gutters, the works. THAT is the kid of job that scares me. its hard to make that type of customer 100% happy. LOL