Those internet services?

anyone ever use service magic or any of those other internet services. do they work or is it a waste of money?

hey chris b.
I use bidclerk. I’m a straight roofing contractor nothing else. It’s great. No contracts. You can pay per month. I’ve had it up for 3 months $50.00. and have done two repairs and 1 roof and still have some potential leads for whole roof jobs .total 3,300 profit

Personally, I don’t like ServiceMagic or any other “pay for leads” type service.

Spend that same money on getting yourself top listed with a search engine & don’t compete with other companies that you had to pay for a lead that they also gave to two or three other companies.

But that’s MY opinion.

Do NOT use service magic or quality smith. It is such a rip-off. The only people using them are usually companies that can’t find work on their own. The put you against other Low-bidders and unless you are really low, you don’t get the job, while spend money and time.

But the worst thing about such services is that the HomeOwner does not give a crap! I mean all they do is call service magic, set up time convenient for them, and they might not even be there when you come. They did not have to do anything to get you out there so often the have complete lack of respect for your time, and never mind that you pay to meet them.

I believe that when you meet with a customer, they should have already done the homework, researched the product and know what they are looking for in a contractor and approximately how much they want to spend. For example if a customer wants to spend 5000 and most they can afford is a shingle roof, I will not waste my time trying to sell them a metal roof for 12000. They won’t buy it anyway.

One more thing about online leads: Sometimes you may end up at the same appointment with another contractor who also paid for the lead, at the same time - which shows that these leads companies screw up sometimes.

I agree with ranch, stay away and spend your money elsewhere.

Good luck

hey guys thanx for the information. servicemagic keeps calling me and bugging me. i was thinking about using it but this information changes things. thanx again.

I was with Service Magic for couple of months and Its a waste of money and time. Just to let know that my last lead was someone that was planing to purchase a lot, them design the house and start building… We are talking about 8 months down the road, the customer told me that she had call Service Magic to get an idea how this will work, when they are ready to start…I call to complain and the told me that it was a valid request… I will recommend Bidclerk, check all the commercial work, check what construction companies are bidding and get on their bidding list…

My advice is to pass on the internet referral service. Most of the posts on this are correct. These companies prey on us contractors, especially at slow times, and everything sounds great, until you are compeing against other slow contractors and end up wasting your time and money. I went to one the other day to give an estimate for replacement, to find out the homeowner had called a friend to do a repair after signing up for the internet service. Bam $75 down the drain, and no credit from the service. Another one drove 20 miles out of my way, spent 2 hours with a lady, came to find out she is trying to make an insurance claim. Sent a crew back to the house the next day to tarp roof and make emergency repairs. I end up helping her to file the claim, talk to insurance company 3 different times, send estimate, deal with homeowner on 4 different ocassions, finally get her approved, get ready to start roof on Friday and get a call on Thursday evening that her son and a friend are going to do her roof and now she doesn’t want to turn over the $250 check from the ins co. for the repair. These are the kind of customers I have encountered from these referral services. TOTAL waste of time and money. Work off past customers for referrals and offer them the money you usually waste.