Those strips

Ok, I’m new…and not a roofer.

I’m either having a blonde moment here or am missing something obvious but I’m confused…ie I read somewhere that the cellaphane strips on the backs of shingles are just there to stop em sticking together in the package, and you dont have to remove em before laying the shingles ? How then will the shingle below adhere to the one above if the strip is left on :?:

Apologies if this is one of those much asked questions, I tried a forum search but it didnt help.

it just does…haha…actually you will void most warranties by removing the strip.

Just leave the strip on it will not hurt the roofs performance at all.

The strip only helps them not stick while they are in the package. When they are laid on the roof, the tar strip will stick to the shingle.

“They” say that the strip needs to stay on because it has barcode info on it about the shingle for warranty purposes?!?! I have never seen it though.


You are missing something. Do you lay the shingles on a pile on the roof?

No. you do not. Take 2 shingles and lay them out like they are on a roof. Then you will see what you are missing.

If you find someone who will remove those strips. I would not hire them to do my roof. First they do not know enough about roofing. Second, they do know and are that broke. That they would do something that stupid to get the job.

Thanks Y’all for taking the time to reply.

I will admit I did remove those strips when I shingled my 12’ X 12’ shed roof 4 yrs ago (and what a pain it was) and the roof has actually been fine since It just didnt make any sense at the time. ie the manufacturer goes to the trouble and expense of putting this sticky strip covered with cellophane on each shingle then advises you not to uncover it, I thought thats kinda like using double sided sticky tape to stick two things together then not removing the outer paper, Duh ?

Anyways, as a tradesman myself (Finishing carpentry/Joinery) I recognize I’m obviously in the presence of roofing experience here, I can respect that, and bow to that knowledge… I will not tear off another strip. :slight_smile:

Thanx again Guy’s

Robbo, something you said in your reply,

"ie the manufacturer goes to the trouble and expense of putting this sticky strip covered with cellophane on each shingle "

Now, maybe you had a bad or old batch of shingles and the cellophane strip was pulled off the shingle and it was stuck to the tar strip, if that was the case, then you did the right thing.

The strips are there because when the shingles are stacked one on top of another the celefane on the back of the shingle lines up with the sealant strip on the front of the shingle. When you install the shingle the sealant srtip is allowed to seal with the bottom of the shingle on top of it. hard to explain but does it make sense

I sure wish someone would invent something to replace the strips because they are the 2nd most difficult thing to get when doing a cleanup job… they seem to find their way to the bottom of grass blades & don’t like to appear until 2 days later when you stop by to collect a hammer you left in the back yard (& the whole place seems to shine like tinsel on a Christmas tree!).

Because you’re going to ask… # 1 is tiny, itsy bitsy chits of felt from 3 prior jobs with nobody tearing down to the roof deck.



We factor all that in when pricing the job.

We do not price by the square.

the tape doesnt line up anymore when the shingles are laid at proper exposure---hows your polebarn g-tape