Tile roof underlayment 30 pound vs. 40 pound vs. Titanium PSU 30

Hello All:
My 21 years old house is located in Southern California. I am looking to have the current 1 layer 30-pound underlayment replace prior to installing solar this year.

The contractor is giving me 3 options:

Two layers of 30 Pound Roof Deck Protection
Two layers of G40 Pound Roof Deck Protection or
One layer of High-Performance Titanium PSU 30

Which option do you recommend that I should go with that is best for my roof long term to avoid leaking?

Thank you for your time.

2-plys of 30 pound
all Day long.

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Agree with Roof Lover. We put ice/water shield in valleys and weave double layer #30. Four layers of felt in valleys over ice/water. Bulletproof

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Wow, I am a bit surprised as
the double of 40 pound cost 4.5% more than the 30 pound
and the cost of one layer of High-Performance Titanium PSU 30 cost 15% more than the 30 pound.

The contractor recommends the PSU 30. And I am under the impression that usually something cost more, it is better. But I don’t know anything about roof.

Thank you roof_lover and Tileman for your input

He wants to install the titanium because it is 10 times faster.
Like literally.
Not double, not triple…
Ten times…
That has a big effect on labor.
There is a reason he is steering you toward it
And its Not because it is better.
Better for him? Yes, absolutely.

I don’t know, guys. PSU 30 is a 40 mil “ice and water” product and does a pretty darn good job. It seals the nails which felt and base sheet won’t do. I do agree that redundancy often trumps thickness but, considering the job is in Southern Cali, you really don’t need to dry it in like you would in harsh weather states.

That’s a good point Don and underlayment for tile is definitely regional. In extremely hot areas like Phoenix or Vegas, which don’t cool down at night, #30 will bake under the tile and fail prematurely. We do have 100 degree days but it cools down to low 70s at night even in our hottest stretches. We do a minimum of 2-3 tile repairs a week so I get to see a lot of ageing issues. #30 is pristine on roofs 25-30 years old when we inspect it, providing it has been maintained and water hasn’t been sitting on underlayment with leaves and mud. I don’t like full ice/water underlayment because when it’s hot you will track asphalt on the tile and leave marks. Not familiar with Titanium, maybe it doesn’t do that.