Tile roof underlayment

Ok, just finished a tile roof replacement here in Florida. We did a 30lbs. Underlayment then a monier tile seal on top of the paper. Homeowner has a wind mitigation inspection done and the inspector said it was done worng. It should have not had the 30 lbs. and just the Monier peal and stick directly to the plywood. I laughed. The roof passed the county inspections and we have done hundreds this way. Now the homeowner want to deduct about $2300 off invoice because she say her insurance would have been $40 less per year if we stuck the p&s to the deck. She calculates $40 per year for 30 years plus inflation. Do I have a case?

Well…just off the top of my head…If you feel inclined to deduct any money from the price, consider what the price of peel stick would have been to purchase and install.

She would have spent alot more on the contract were this the case…Right?

If an owner obtains the warranty for workmanship and manufacturer, there is no argument about what could be done different. Have Monier come out and state life, as installed.