Tile roof valley leaks

Hey there, I’m going to be tackling some valley leak repairs on my concrete tile roof. I have gone to one of the valleys and was unable to reproduce the leak with a hose outside while looking inside the attic. But then later in the season during a hard rain, I was able to see it was still leaking. This roof was completed in 2003 and has asphalt paper as underlayment but no metal flashing in the valleys. I’m willing to complete the repairs myself & have somewhat an idea on how to go about it, but would love some input on materials, tools & steps to take/tips on things to avoid. Pictures for reference. Any and all help would be hugely appreciated!

I’d recommend that you have a good tile contractor do the repairs. If you put metal in the valley, it means you must cut the tile and reinstall it. You could get the same result with a peel and stick tile underlayment and be able to reuse the existing cut tile.

We average over 70 tile repairs per year and have been involved in tile roofing for around 35 years. I have never seen a tile roof without valley metal?

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You need to remove all of the tile from the bottom of the valley to the top on each side of the valley straight up to both ridges. Expose all of the base so that the new base covers everything. No old base over the new base. Put on a peal and stick base. Then the valley metal flashing and then the peal and stick cap sheet. Nail down the top edge of each peal and stick with round cap nails. The next roll of peal and stick will cover the nails. Cover the sides of the valley metal with the cap sheet. Base rolls are 3 feet wide by 66 feet long. Cap is 3 ft by 33 ft long.