Tile roofs and mold

I spayed the mold on a tile roof with a bit of bleach,small amount to get rid of algea.it was a joke.How can I get rid of that crap or at least tone it down.

install a copper ridge along the top of your roof or a strip of copper on the orginal ridge when the rain hits the copper it will produce alkaline and this will kill the moss also a strip along your gutter helps keep that clear .hows that for a top tip

That`s fine but the roof is already on.The customer needs it cleaned.I dont do this but would if I knew of something to spay on it that would make it dissapear :smiley:

see a power washer u use for youe car takes it off in mins then offer copper ridge to keep it away u have to wash down the way though

copper is a great tip. In Germany we make strip of copper under the ridge. Whom rain, then killed all the green on roof.

wet tile ???

I have two broken fingers for walking on wet tile …

Good luck with it jhonny …

Do you no walking over wet roof. This is really danger. When is dry is no problem.

you use a roof ladder m8 we have systems here where insted of retiling they powerwash it and cover with a new coating

Thats is other possibility, again expensive.