Tile transition to cricket when using batten. Best way to handle big gap?

decided to fix the clusterfk original roof I had.
Did the Flintlastic roll roof and reset the tiles on battens.

Because the battens add height, I’m left with a big gap at the slope to cricket transition.
I’ve put broken pieces of tile underneath the bottom rows to support the tiles for now.
One tile underneath each bottom row is too low, and two tiles stacked is too high.

so… mortar with weep holes to fill the gap?

Do not mortar that. The gap doesn’t hurt anything and is standard. Elevate the bottom with elevated battens glued in place. That’s a really nice looking job you did.

I admire you for taking that project.
Unless i was starving, i would have just told them no.

Agree with leaving it open.
As long as my material goes way under there.
Some where between a foot or two.

Those are good paying jobs for guys that do them all the time. We do an average of 7-10 tile repairs per month. The impressive thing is I believe that is a homeowner who pulled that off, not a roofer. 90% of roofers would bungle that job.

He’s probably a Pilot, those guys are quite talented.

haha yeah, I am the homeowner of this. Not a pilot, but relatively handy.
this is my first (and last) roofing job.
the cap sheet is up the slope 18" under the tile.

I think many roofers could do a good job… if they weren’t in a rush to finish.

only reason I decided to tackle this myself was I was quoted $4000-$5000 for the cricket alone.
Might as well reset the tile too, since all the rows were crooked.

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Do not put nails into the low slope section.