Timberframe/A-Frame roof re-do

Ok, I’m a newbie with an unusual question. First, the background: we purchased our unfinished a-frame home 14 years ago knowing it would eventually need new shingles, etc. Over the years, it has been impossible to keep warm and as we added skylight windows we discovered that there is essentially no insulation - just 3inches of homosote. Now, we are adding an “ell” entryway and it’s time to re-roof and figure out how to insulate properly. Does anyone have suggestions of the right way to insulate (and vent) from the outside since the beams are exposed inside? I’ve looked into SIP’s, but not sure about the venting needed for this type of structure. Any ideas, or do I need to describe this better? By the way it’s a big house with a 30’x40’ roof on each side of the “A”!


Hunter panels are the solution you are looking for.


Thank you so much! This is exactly what we are looking for and according to their website there is a distributor in our area! Thanks again!