Timberline Prestique 30 vs Malarkey Highlander-CS 30?

My contractor showd me a Timberline brochure and we selected “charcoal” for my roof. The shingles sitting on my roof to be installed this week are Malarkey Highlander-CS “midnight black”. Are these products the equivalent? Will they look very different? The Timberline claims “high definition” color variations. Should I be concerned about this change?

They are not available in my area, but from what I understand Malarkey is a good shingle. I do not understand why contractors do this sometimes? I would ask him why he sent those instead of timberlines.

I can’t comment on gaf, since i haven’t installed
since they have quit making the rubber roid t-locks
back in the late 70’s early 80’s, that being said
malarkey makes an excellent shingle Imo.
I personaly think yopur getting a better shingle.
And a manufacturer that will stand behind their material. JMO

Recently did two Gaf Charcoals, one HD and one not and you can tell the difference between the two. Well I can but I know what to look for. There is a little more shading near the nail line on the HD shingle. I cant speak from Malarky but I dont hear bad things about them.

If the contract specifically states GAF though, I would question the contractor about it.

they will look the same in color and there both a good shingle. :mrgreen:

malarkey is a wonderful shingle all lines they have looks like a high def . i believe these are a better line then the gaf BUT the highlander is not the all rubber class 4 (legacy) so don’t get them confused

Malarkeys are an awesome shingle.

Did you have the brand and color specified in the contract or was it oral?
Personally I’d be leery. Not saying its a bad shingle, just bad practice to change product without your consent. It’s your roof.

Thank you all for taking the time to comment.

I did not have a brand specified in the contract. It says, “30 year dimensional composition shingle.” I was given a Timberline (GAF) brouchure and selected a color.

It sounds like this is an equivalent product. In the future I will make sure to have products specified in the contract. This is a learning experience. After looking at this site and a few others I realize I needed to do a little more homework.